Some photos from the protest in the UK against the allied actions in Libya

Quite curious. Who are these people and what exactly is their objection? In some cases, what do their signs even mean? One wonders if Qaddafi didn’t rent this demonstration exactly like Saddam did when he hired George Galloway to round up as many Muslims and leftists as he could and demonstrate against the actions in Iraq back before that war started. As I recall, Galloway was paid handsomly for that according to some ledgers found by US forces.

Here are just a few of the signs from this site. Please click over to see the rest. Any explanations for what these mean most welcome in the comments.

Wht does this sign even mean?

If ghosts were black.....

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3 Replies to “Some photos from the protest in the UK against the allied actions in Libya”

  1. I wonder if those people would support Gaddafi even if they were in Libya at the moment. Probably not. It is always easy to criticise something that does not affect you personally.

  2. At least 85% of Muslim women are told to go to these things by their husbands or male relatives (their ‘keepers’). Most can’t even read what the sings say. Many can’t speak English very well, if at all.

    Why anyone would believe that these women truly want sharia law is beyond me.

    Why anyone would want to follow Islam is also beyond me, and beyond all reason.

    Why doesn’t the government of Britainistan just admit that it has failed the ideals that once made the UK great?

    Why doesn’t the population of the UK join with the EDL and expel the Muslim invaders?

  3. As an islamoactiveman, a politically active mullah no less, I often get a good response from bearded lefties who stroke their chin thoughtfully as I explain to them how peaceful Islam is. The BBC and the UK political parties are also good friends as are these docile type women I tell to do whatever it is I want them to do. I have four of them at home. I am having some problems at the moment with the some black guys I met recently who claim that islam enslaved them but you can not please everyone. In future I will stick to my trusted audience. I thought they were my trusted audiience and have been on my former conversations with them but someone seems to have told them something of late that got them so worked up. Phew! if more people start waking up I am toast!

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