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3 Replies to “EDL’s Tommy Robinson on US radio”

  1. Tommy God Bless You. I live in a working class neighbourhood and could afford to move to a middle class area as could many of my neighbours, but we love where we live. We all know each other and can depend on each other. Some of us are friends and some are acquaintances, but it is our neighbourhood and our grannies moved to these areas from slums to what they thought was luxury housing. We maintain these houses and welcome the strangers who now buy these houses as long as they realise that we are a community. We are not interested in your living arrangements or your beliefs but are very definitely interested in if you can be called upon to be a good neighbour. Not one house on my street has an alarm. George Soros could’nt buy the alarm system we have as it is not for sale. These Elites make laws that they do not have to suffer from, the LAW of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

    Last but not least do no accept the label of racist. Muslims are every colour God ever made, so how could you be racist? Want racism? Look at Dafur and Saudi Arabia and see Blacks used and abused including Muslim Pakistanis. The Saudis abuse everyone who is not a wahabbi. The Pakis do not have the balls to complain against their fellow Muslims as they will be subjected to Aspostasy laws. So much for muslim manhood and the religion of repression. Muslim manhood is the Dancing Boys of Afganistan and dozens of Pakis and Arabs against one women. Some manhood. Then they run away when they face the U.S . military.

  2. I wish I could listen to the entire show, however I appreciate the way Tommy sees the TEA party, they are the best chance for an American defense league to be formed in the near future. And they are moving into social issues as well as tax and spending issues. In the long run the west is going to win, but we will be hurt and hurt badly, probably several times in the next few years.

  3. This interview will never be broadcast to the majority of the US. The MSM wil never understand that Islam is the greatest threat to human freedom extant and that its members will do anything to establish a universal caliphate with all non-Muslims working as slaves for them.

    Islam must be stopped, else values such as equality among the sexes, equality among religions, and equality among the races among other things, will be a thing of the past.

    Tommy and his organization provide a model for others who want to see the western world (and the free world itself, east and west) survive well into the 21st century.

    The world has no place for Islam, which should have remained as part of the Dark Ages, where it belongs.

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