UN moves away from campaign against ‘defamation of religion’

From Catholic Culture.org

The UN’s Human Rights council has adopted a resolution endorsing religious freedom, distancing itself from previous resolutions that condemned “defamation of religion.”

The UN body made its decision after hearing arguments that the campaign against “defamation of religion” had encouraged religious fundamentalists, especially in the Islamic world, to raise accusations of blasphemy against those who denied their religious beliefs.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed the new UN resolution, noting that it “supports approaches that do not limit freedom of expression or infringe on the freedom of religion.”

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3 Replies to “UN moves away from campaign against ‘defamation of religion’”

  1. To little to late as far as I’m concerned. The UN has already proven itself a corrupt and weak organization. The UN building should be demolished in the same manner that the Berlin wall was. By popular demand of the peoples it has betrayed.

  2. The UN is a dead organization that refuses to admit it does nothing to end wars, the left keeps it alive because they want to create their dream of a one world socialist government out of the UN. The Moslems keep it alive so they can use it to attack the west.

    Having said that this is the first time in a long time that the UN has actually done something right, a lot of heart attacks are occurring as people read about this.

  3. It may be merely an attempt by the Muslim members of the UN to buy time until they can truly enforce a universal caliphate out of the worthless organization.

    Even though I distrust this ‘movement’, I applaud the efforts by the UN to enforce what it was set out to do; uphold human rights around the world.

    Too bad the members are too intimidated by the Muslim OPEC nations to do anything about human rights in Muslim countries and in Muslim settlements in the rest of the world. Oil and gas are more important than principles, I guess.

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