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11 Replies to “20,000 people attend the Fogel funeral. Security at Itamar”

  1. I have posted on the Itamar murders as nothing but a slow genocide of Jewish people by the Arabs, as they target mainly women and children.

    Not taking away any outrage of these despicable murders, I have, over the last few days, been confronted by a simple reality- the persecution and mass murders of Christians around the globe is far far more in scale and persistence then of any other ethnic or religious community.

    Surely its time bloggers started to write about this in the same tones of outrage. I would also like to see some reciprocity from Jewish bloggers, or are Christians the only people who can be persecuted and killed with impunity, and to cap it, will not even get a word of sympathy.

  2. DP111 is 10000000% right

    I am not Christian but I know that the muslims hate christians, jews, hindus, shintoists and scientologists with a hate that is beyond reason.

    I too would like to see jewish bloggers such as yid with lid, israpundit, jewlicious, daniel greenfield, et al discuss it more.

    I plan to send them all emails demanding that they do more of it.

    Fortunately there is also http://www.thereligionofpeace.com that does a great job to tabulate it.

    And http://www.danielpipes.org writes about the killing of copts, catholics and hindus.

    Israel has still not responded to this murder by two legged muslim scum and has already recieved over 50 rockets from Gaza? where art thou Bipi No Yawn who?

    Guess which country is the first to mount a field hospital in Japan?


  3. DP111 why not search this site for Christian, Coptic persecution and see what you find. I even have original translations of videos of attacks on Christians in fact and I post all I find on Islamic violent bigotry against all. Your estimate of editorial bias of this site and its contributors is inaccurate.

  4. Regarding this site DP is wrong. Vlad has done a great job of videos and photos and stories sickening to follow.

    Another site that has details on Islamic anti christian hate is barenakedislm.

  5. I don’t think DP meant Vlad Tepes. There’s tons of stuff about Christian persecution here and I’m sure he’s noticed. I think he just forgot to say, “Present company excluded”. Sometimes we forget that people can’t read minds.

  6. What happened to rage? Why aren’t the Israeli security forces overwhelmed by cars full of armed Jews heading out to settle the score? I mean, what’s it going to take? Israel has already been charged and convicted of religious apartheid as well as genocide, so whatever. The very fact that the murderers are not caught and punished by the Arab Authorities proves that they are all in on it, so why the fu##ing delay?

  7. Eeyore

    It is not that there is a blind eye to the murder of Christians, there is that too, but the way it is published.

    If we look at the way murders of Christians are depicted – it is by numbers. If we look at at the Itamar tragedy, the photographs of all the victims are shown close up. This brings out the human aspect of the tragedy, and it truly highlights the nature of the atrocity by personalising it.

    This is not the case the way atrocities against Christians are shown. They are dehumanised by removing them from focus- they are distant and therefore unconsciously, not related to us in culture. It is them not us. And yet Christians are more “us”, as that is the defining ethos and foundation of Western civilisation.


    We will be off for 4 weeks for a long trip, so not much if any comments.

    But take care.

    Q. What was, and should be the penalty for any person or group of people, who opened the city gates, and allowed an avowed enemy to enter – thus putting a civilisation and culture to existential risk.

  8. Chris for decades the left has demonized the actions of people who try to defend themselves when the governments won’t, they have succeeded to the point where most people are more afraid of what their own government will do if they act for themselves then they are of the terrorists and criminals.

  9. Richard

    There is also laziness, cant be bothered, we have elected them and they will do us right, and its none of my business.

    Well, it is our and their business, and soon our daughters and granddaughters will feel the lash of Islam – in fact they already are.

    Hanging is the least of punishments that can be imposed on those who deliberately, with malice at their own, opened the city gates to let the enemy in.

    So we see that many of our own are joining what they see is the winning side. This is even the case of Blacks, who emigrated here from Africa, and should know what has been the fate of their ancestors under Islam- it wasnt Islam that freed from them slavery but devout Christians such as Wilberforce, and the might of the Royal Navy.

  10. VladTepes is the very first blog I came across some years ago when I had no inkling what a blog was and how it was operated. It was from VladTepes blogroll that I discovered Five Feet of Fury, Girl on the Right and others.
    VladTepes has been documenting atrocities committed on Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists from all over the planet.
    I am a Christian and I have a blog myself “dodocanspell” and sometimes I feel a pang of shame because I often find that eeyore has more news of Christian persecution at his blog then I do.
    I don’t even know if eeyore is Jewish or not… given that his blog is equally fair to every religion and every color.

  11. MariaS

    Thank you very much.

    I do not believe in identity politics myself, so I don’t say what I am as it should not matter. Either what I say is true or not true, and important to the general public or not. At least those who value civilization and its Greek and Roman roots. If people read ‘the agenda and views of this site’ they will know what my personal filters are.


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