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2 Replies to “Qaddafi makes some nearly incoherent threats”

  1. He is so messed up in his knowledge of history.

    Hitler didn’t fall because of “the people”. The Nazis fell because dozens of nations all over the world and Europe fought tooth and nail to rescue the continent from the despotic regime that he headed. Which is something that should be done with Islamic regimes wherever they are, despite the presence of oil and gas reserves.

    One of the first items of business Qaddafi did when he became the head of the Pan-African Congress was to declare that his job was to Islamize all of Africa, a process which is happening all over the continent.

    His fanaticism for Islam is merely a ploy to defend his despotic reign. Within sharia law, it is pretty much unlawful for people to rise up against their leaders if their leaders are Muslim, whether that leader is a tyrant or not. It is one of the built in safeguards that Islam has built into its system of total control.

    Qaddafi’s days are numbered. Once the Allies (and yes, media is calling the forces Allies as in WWII) take him out, they should keep on moving east, as Churchill once exhorted the Allies of WWII to do in order that the Soviet Union not take over eastern Europe. With all Islamic regimes out of the picture, maybe the world would have a bit more peace from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the other continents for a while, given that Muslim terrorist groups get their funding and orders from ‘somewhere close’ to those regimes.

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