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4 Replies to “A ‘Religion of peace’ moment in Israel”

  1. I wish the world would wake up and realize that rocks are lethal weapons, then the people being stoned could fight back instead of running.

  2. Unfortunately it was not Beepee Yawn who? receving those kicks and punches.

    Judging by the cars and the slimness of those palies, that video is between 15 – 20 plus years old.

    Some things never change.

    I met Beepee Yawn who? in 1990 in Israel when I was seriously considering to move there. He came to give a casual speech to us kids from Canada and the US. At the time I respected him.

    In the hotel in Jerusalem, having coffee, he said to us ” its better than Dunkin Donuts”.

    Big joke.

    Can anyone tell me of a time, when Yawn who? actually gave orders to the IDF to fight and kill with no mercy?

    I cannot. According to Daniel Pipes, it took over 38 attacks on Israelis from him to give orders to the IDF to go on the offensive when he was the PM in the 1990s.

    Very frustrating watching Israel lose respect from its enemies. And when your enemies have no respect for you, they will kill you, your sister, your kids, with delight.

    I cannot see how Israel will ever regain their fear without killing a 1/3 of them. Especially if there will ever be a palestinian state or a greater population in Jordan with no future.

  3. This video could be any year and any place where Muslim men are angry (which is nearly all the time), out of work (nearly all the time) and sexually frustrated (nearly all the time) and brainwashed into believing the crap that their leaders spew out (all of the time).

    Why Israel tolerates this sort of nonsense on their doorstep in anyone’s guess.

    What we do in our neck of the woods with wild animals who get too close to civilization is tranquilize them and move them far away from homes and civilized people.

    Maybe Israel should shut down the border with the PA and force the Palestinians to move their settlements back at least 50 km from the border to insure that their rockets, bombs, stones and other weapons won’t do too much damage.

    I mean, if we can do it here with wild animals who are a threat, why not do the same in Gaza and along the Israeli border with Palestinians who are even more of a threat?

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