Question for American peace activists.

According to Stratfor, over 110 tomahawk missiles have hit Libya from US and British ships in the past hour or so. I can’t help but wonder where the shrieking is. When Bush attacked Iraq with nearly infinitely greater provocation than the one to go after Qaddafi, When Saddam had murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people, extincted the Marsh Arabs, used WMD’s on the Kurds and a list of horror to long to recount, American peaceniks where apoplectic.

Now that Obama has committed the US to a 3rd official war and what, a 5th war in total if you count Bahrain and other more covert actions one would imagine the same groups, Code Pink or at least tons of media attention on Cindy Sheehan when she goes and camps on the official Obama basketball court. If she does.

I expect to hear tens of thousands chanting: “Obama denied, people died” or, “Obama why talk-a lot when you can send in the Tomahawk”. I suppose that could be both supportive or sarcastic. In any case, I look forward to their return. Obama needs to know how his supporters made the previous administration, one a hundred times more competent than his own, that much more difficult to manage.

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  1. The peace protesters won’t be protesting, they never protest any bombing or fighting were the US is fighting in a nation they have no stake in, they only protest when the US fights to preserve its 1) national interest, 2) national survival.

  2. Unfortunately I believe I am in the minority when I say we should keep our noses and forces out of Libya. No matter how cruel etc Gadaffi is he is still the dictator and governing body in that country. What is happening there is a civil war and by intervening there we are by decree giving permission to others to intervene in our affairs some day. If we can do it so can someone else some where else. Please think hard about what you are doing before entering into a fight between a countries people and its government. You DO NOT want to start something you can not take back. You might also want to consider that Libya is an Islamic country that has little use for the western world except to use it as required when required. Like it or not they are not what we would call friends.

  3. For the uninitiated, a dictatorship is NOT a legitimate form of government. Gaddafi is truly a mad dog and needs to go. It is not a question of “should we?” but a question of HOW should we?” .

    The Lybian people are in a now win situation here. On one side you got mad man momar, and on the other you go tthe muslim brotherhood. I see no good options here, just a chance tolessen the bloodshed by gaddafi on his own people. There are times when the only thing left to do is pray. This is one of those times. God knows the Lybians are going to need all the help they can get.

  4. I also believe the west should stay out of this. Where is the security threat here? Who are the protestors? Is this really as trumpeted by the CNN a pro-democracy movement? We often help someone first and bomb them later. There is in my opinion no chance that any Arab country can develop under current conditions into a functioning and moral democracy.

  5. Who decides which governments are now illegitimate? I guess now the ‘Citizens of the World’ have taken it upon themselves to seek excuses, by creating uprisings, as to who they can depose and install their own Democratic Socialists in their place. Is that how the ‘New World Order’ works? I guess you’ll have your excuse to replace every governing body in the Middle East then, won’t you?

  6. People should be free to protest and free to change/improve their own government to a better one. But , if they can’t do it in a peaceful manner, that means their country is in a hopeless situation, and it is pointless for the west (and a waste of western countries resources) to get involve with their problems.

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