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5 Replies to “Denmark – immigration – Minister demands assimilation – not just integration”

  1. That segment at the end of the video asks the question that always ought to be asked in such debates. Another one would be “why don’t Chinese, Vietnamese, Sikh and Hindu Indian, Eastern European, and nearly all non-mahoundian immigrants don’t have trouble assimilating into the societies of the Western countries they move to, nor do they ever need any ‘special programs’ for that purpose? And speaking of the utter pointlessness of setting up “special” integration and assimilation programs for mahoundians, the only purpose they serve is that, once the mahoundian sheer unwillingness to ditch their bedouin savage tribal customs makes it clear for everyone that such programs are nothing but a waste of time and money, the mahoundians will blame those programs (and, predictably, not themselves) for their failure to integrate.

    As for those mahoundians’ concerns about their “traditions”, if they were anything like the Chinese New-Year celebrations (which are often extremely interesting to attend), I’ll bet no Dane, or no Western European indigenous population, would ever have any trouble with that. But we all know what those bedouin savage tribal traditions are and, if those mahoundians don’t want to part with them, they ought to go back wherever the hell those barbaric practices are from.

  2. Ideally, all liberty-rights upholding nations would have a law requiring all prospective immigrants to sign a binding declaration not to violate individual rights, i.e., the right to life and the derivative rights to liberty (including freedom of expression), property, the pursuit of happiness, etc; the declaration would include, amongst many others, a specific reference to the rights-violating nature of shariah. Such a declaration would allow all immigrants the freedom to do entirely as they wish in their new countries of residence – except violate the rights of others to do likewise.

    As it is crystal clear that shariah actively and consistently violates individual rights, all prospective immigrants supporting or advocating shariah would be categorically denied citizenship. All immigrants subsequently discovered to be advocates of shariah would immediately forfeit their citizenship and suffer summary deportation.

    All of this, of course, presupposes full knowledge and understanding of the inviolable nature of individual rights and the life-negating nature of Islam and shariah on the part of government, legislative, judicial and immigration officials.

    It is regrettable, of course, that as yet not a single nation fully and consistently upholds individual rights. We have a long, arduous journey ahead.

  3. Danmark -Denmark in Danish, has another problem:


    The ugly truth is that Denmark has no oil, natural gas or little of it. Denmark has none of the fjords that Norway has. A great source of tourism dollars. Sweden has the forests and heavy metal industry, IKEA, Volvo, Saab, etc.. Denmark has none of it xcept LEGO, Tuborg, Carlsberg, SAS, and lots of small and medium sized busnesses. I have been to Denmark 2x.

    Even in 1990, it had its share of financial stagnation issues and a growing muslim immigration pattern evolving in Copenhagen and Odense and Alborg.

    Honestly, it has no right to have such a generous welfare program. Borrowing from the next generations is not morally correct. They will leave.

  4. The interviewer gives the game away by interviewing mainly Muslim immigrants. Unconsciously he has admitted that the problem lies with Muslims and Islam.

    All this was predictable from the start. Muslims are required to stay as a cohesive community just as any invader needs to, to repel any opposing force, therefore they cannot integrate.

    For hundreds of years, Western writers and thinkers have warned of the dangers that Islam poses the West and Europe. But what did our politicians do? They ignored all that and quite literally invited millions of Muslims to settle in the West, many of them on Welfare.

    So where next? It has to be expulsion by encouragement, bribery or force.

    The tragedy is that what the elites have done, is to drag our reputation in the mud for what we will be eventually forced to do.

  5. Come on guys at least the minister is opening up the debate so there is that point of freedom to be celebrated. Of course where it goes is anyones guess. I mean this is the land of the motoons. Also this is the land of very strict immigration policy and high birth rates for danish native women. I am of the opinion that the Danes will be ok and may even show the way forward as they did with the motoons. Those motoons rocked the world and it made me buy my first Danish Cheese as an act of solidarity. We must remember those motoons when discussing Denmark as they were a pivotal point in the counterjihad.

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