Interrogated at Schiphol Airport

From Gates of Vienna:

Last weekend I reported on the ideological screening meted out to Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff at the Miami airport when she arrived in the United States to speak at the launch of The United West.

A Dutch delegate to the same event underwent something similar, only his experience took place on the other side of the Atlantic, just prior to his departure from the Netherlands. It’s significant — and ominous — that he was grilled by both Dutch security officers and US Immigration officials at Schiphol Airport. When he arrived in Florida he was also questioned representatives of the Department of Homeland Security.

It doesn’t require a full-fledged case of paranoia to recognize that something funny was going on in Amsterdam last Thursday. The Dutch and the Americans were obviously co-ordinating their efforts, and each group was reading from the same playbook — one written by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here’s the Dutch delegate’s report of what happened:

Dear friends,

When I showed up at Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport on March 3 for my travel to Florida the following most strange discussions occurred.

At the gate Dutch people were interviewing all passengers who wanted to board. As soon as I showed my documents that dealt with the meeting I was attending, the supervisor took over the questioning and wanted to know why this meeting was being held.

I explained it was about the threat of Shariah and radical Islam.

The next question was: “Can you give an example of that?” The hairs rose on my neck upon hearing that question; it was as if I had to take an exam on the topic.

As I’m a very simple man with some feeling of honor, I immediately replied: “What kind of question is that?”

The supervisor became angry: “I think that’s a very good question.”

Since I really wanted to get on the plane I decided to play along and answered him: “There is a plan to make it illegal to speak negatively about Allah or Muhammad.”

The supervisor followed up by asking: “Who is doing that?”

I answered: “The OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference.”

The supervisor was still not satisfied and asked: “Which Dutch political parties are backing this?”

I replied: “The Christian Union is not against it.”

The supervisor: “Ah, a truly important party, but not really.”

Me: “They also force halal food upon others.”

He: “So what? Isn’t there also kosher food and Hindu food?”

I understood by now that this man just wanted to prove how wrong I was, and wasn’t interested in performing his job: looking for potential terrorists or other unwanted passengers.

Me: “One is never forced to eat kosher food, now, is one?”

The supervisor now wanted to know if I was a member of the EDL, a name he had seen on my documents.

I explained the EDL has no official members and yes, I’m a sympathizer of the Dutch and English Defence Leagues.

That was it: I had to be searched from top to toe. In addition, another man took over the questioning. He wanted to know if I publicized the meeting. I said no, because I had the feeling he was trying to make me look like a journalist — and it is illegal to work as a journalist in the US without permission. He remarked that I had an expensive hobby and said after reading my documents that I could also do all that by e-mail communication and therefore didn’t need to travel to the US.

When all this was over, an officer from US immigration wanted to speak with me. The plane was now almost leaving. He tried to lecture me that Islamic terrorists are actually crazies, and their acts have nothing to do with Islam. He asked me: “Don’t you know that Christianity is also violent, don’t you know about the Crusades?”

I explained him I had no problem with peaceful Muslims, just with political Islam. He said that what I was doing is “discrimination.” He asked: “Do you use violence?” I reassured him that I would never do that.

Upon arriving in the US, I was sent to an office of Homeland Security and asked questions about my role in obtaining donations for my American friends.

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3 Replies to “Interrogated at Schiphol Airport”

  1. I just hope the american people will choose a different leader at their earliest opportunity. Colonel West comes to mind.

  2. Could it be that ICE is becoming a sort of Stazi or ‘Thought Police”? IMHO anyone who will not drink the Kool Aid and march in locked step with the agenda of the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’ will always be subject to ‘special’ and intense security be various US agencies. After all our ‘Dear Leader’ must not look bad in the eyes of his Muslim pals in the US and abroad.

  3. I wonder when he’ll break through that right-wing ceiling? You know, that glass ceiling that makes certain people invisible to the mainstream media, not vilified, but invisible. It’s strange…there are all these names – Robert Spencer, Ayan Hirsi Ali, David Horowitz, Allen West – that are household names to me and absolutely unknown to the vast majority. Who are the media? Why are they so desparate to tell us that Charlie Sheen is getting too high but can’t find time to mention that a vicious, implacable enemy is executing a surprise attack against us at this very moment? There are unknown forces at work.

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