Two Muslims plead guilty to planning to murder all who do not worship allah

From Gates of Vienna:

On Friday two culturally enriched men — Mohamed Mahmood Alessa and Carlos Eduardo Almonte — pleaded guilty in a Newark, N.J. courtroom to one charge each of conspiring to murder persons outside the United States. They admitted they were planning to join the Somali Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab.

Below is a TV news story about the court appearance of these two upstanding young fellows.

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5 Replies to “Two Muslims plead guilty to planning to murder all who do not worship allah”

  1. Like clockwork, accused domestic terrorists plead guilty of conspiring to commit acts of terrorism.

    Like clockwork, MSM and most of the west breathe a sigh of relief that yet another 9/11/train bombing/massacre by Muslims was adverted and justice is served.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    When these homegrown terrorists plead guilty, they are doing so out of a sense of ‘civil disobedience’ and not because they feel that our laws apply to them. They feel that sharia law is the only law. All others are a joke as well as the punishments that go with them.

    Just think of what the Yippies and Weather Underground did during the 60s and 70s, multiply that by a thousand-fold in terms of violence, and you have the mind-set of Muslim terrorists, whether homegrown or not.

    These men should be sent to segregated prisons with no contact with the outside world since to put them in regular prisons encourages them to practice dawa, or what we would call proselytizing. In prison they have all manner of people who would dearly love to ‘get back’ at the system they feel is unjust. Convicts who just might get out sooner than those who convert them to Islam.

    That alone should not make decent people very happy when these terrorists plead guilty.

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