The name of the video itself should sound off warning bells and whistles, “Little Town of Bethlehem“.

The film is actually a disingenuous attempt to draw moral comparisons between the legitimate demands of Black Americans in the 60’s seeking equality in a segregated United States, with a people whose own institutions have repeatedly denied equality to minorities in the areas under their own governance as well as seeking the destruction of another people.

The Arabs living within the Palestinian Authority and in Gaza, persecute their own minorities while forbidding a Jew the right to build a home, let alone live, in the areas of Judea and Samaria. Arab women are brutalized with next to little means to seek justice, homosexuals live in secret and young couples cannot even be seen kissing in public, let alone holding hands. Arab Christians have been leaving their ancient towns in Judea and Samaria ever since Arafat left Tunisia for Ramallah.

Palestinian children are brainwashed in their schools, summer camps, mosques and through their social media to hate the Jews and to seek their murder, with the hope of obtaining a violent death for themselves in order to acheive eternal bliss in the hereafter. If that’s not child abuse what is?

Scenes in the video of Blacks in the US marching arm in arm to protest for their god given rights to live as a free people, can never be compared to a people who loathe “the other” and refuse to live in co-existence with them. The Palestinians (especially the Hamas and other terror orgs.) resemble the KKK, not civil rights activists that laid down their lives for Blacks during the Civil Rights era, of whom some were Jews. What a disgrace of Martin Luther King’s memory and legacy.

The Rev. Martin Luther King would be appalled at his civil rights movement being connected with a people who are for the most part, supremacists themselves, and who are not fighting for equality with another people, but for their destruction as a people.

The Tundra Tabloids views this propaganda film as a modern day version of what passed for “cinema” during the Nazi years in the Third Reich. Wake up you Evangelicals in the US, don’t let these idiots take you for one as well. KGS



  1. Like Malcolm X said: “by any means necessary” they will conquer.

    Anything coming from Muslim media is not only suspect, but has the taint of propaganda and deceit. After all, Mo the thug said that “War is deceit” and Muslims use that maxim every day when dealing with the dar-al-habr.

    Tundra Tabloids is spot on. Productions like this are exactly in keeping with the works that Josef Goebbels commissioned for the Nazis.

    We must counter this nonsense with the truth.

    During WWII, millions of leaflets were dropped over Nazi-occupied Europe and Japanese-occupied Asia. I think its high time we treated the Muslim world as being occupied by a hostile force (Islam) and ramp up the war on terror by striking directly at the source: all centers of Islam and even Mecca itself.

    Near the end of WWII, Churchill admonished the Allies to “keep on going east”, for he foresaw that the Soviet Union would create a massive block of “allies” against the west out of former Nazi-held lands in eastern Europe.

    What is the west doing with Muslim countries at the beginning of WWIV?

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