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4 Replies to “Video of EDL demo today, March 5 2011 at Rochdale”

  1. So why did the police have dogs only on the EDL side of the fences?

    Afraid to offend tender Muslim sensibilities?

  2. Maybe because British people have respect and affection for dogs and Muslims will get a seeing eye horse before they allow a dog near them? Maybe because Muslims already sued a Scottish police force for using a picture of a puppy in an add? Probably the police have strict instructions not to offend Muslims with dogs. If only they would go all the way and respect Muslims desire for martyrdom.

  3. Ah! Allah’s indoctrinated young warrior slaves. I wonder what this closed-minded group and their families drain in welfare benefits – and what the future drain will be.

  4. I’m about half-way through Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book ‘Infidel’, and can finally see clearly the mind-boggling backwardness Muslims are forced to endure in their formative years, which leads to their closed minds and inflexible hatred towards all things non-Islamic.

    May God help us all.

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