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7 Replies to “Anyone up for fighting real apartheid?”

  1. About time! Good on the JDL, time to bring a little sanity to the IAW deception.

    Of course, there will be offensive defense of this real apartheid from the apologists of Islam’s barbarity, but the truth eventually will see the light of day.

  2. Question . . .anyone familiar enough with the JDL’s logo? The fist in the image is troublesome. If the JDL in any way supports Marxist ideals, I cannot support them.

  3. What a sick joke this crap is, Mar 8th is international womens day, and lets see the comparison between how Israelis treat women and how the islamics treat women,

  4. Hey, wtd, at least Marxists don’t regularly blow up civilians or occasionally fly planes into buildings just because someone disagrees with their ideas. Marxists still try for dialogue and there is a chance of deprogramming them with reason.

    Would you rather live under sharia law, where you are either forced to submit or become a slave or wind up dead?

    The real apartheid is happening in all Muslim countries as tens of millions of non-Muslims are persecuted, murdered or driven out and their sacred buildings desecrated by Muslims. It is also happening on the borders with non-Muslim nations like India and Russia. It is also happening in Muslim-dominated areas of the west and where Muslims have settled in large numbers.

    Yet, for the sake of OPEC, political correctness and multiculturalism, the MSM does not want to call a spade a spade and take Islam/Muslims to task over these things. They are, after all, following the dictates of the founder of the death cult which is shared by ALL Muslims worldwide.

    Only the Ismalis and Amidhayas have countered this jihadist mindset to a certain degree. All other Muslims share it in toto.

  5. Richard I agree. This poster is to counter the Israeli Apartheid week crapioca we see at universities all over Canada and the US. We should support this one indeed.

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