How might the world look if it really was all Muslim?

Here is a sitrep from STRATFOR which I think may be indicative of how an Islamic world might look…

Somalia: Al Shabaab Wants Monitors On Hijacked Ships
February 28, 2011
Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab demanded that pirates allow their fighters to board hijacked ships off the coastal town of Harardhere to monitor ransom exchanges, Reuters reported Feb. 28. Al Shabaab surrounded the pirates’ base in Harardhere to pressure them and their investors. The fighters demanded that pirates allow six militants aboard each ship to monitor the payment and division of ransoms, a pirate said. Al Shabaab established an office in the town after an earlier deal to split ransoms, and a local elder who was involved in those talks said he expects the pirates have no choice but to accept al Shabaab’s order.

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  1. Shabaab is right. Everyone has to pay taxes – that includes burglars, highway robbers, and even pirates, even though pirates can claim that they were operating in international waters.

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