History rhymes. Kidnapping ransom funds jihad. Again.

It is worth looking in to the history of the US Marines at this point, the creation of which was a reaction to the then enormous ransoms being paid to Muslim naval kidnapping gangs called, ‘The Barbary Pirates’, who’s booty would be used to fund world wide jihad and the white female slaves taken would fill the harems of the more affluent and powerful Muslim war lords.

I wonder when Western nations will decide enough is enough again. Personally, I think not one ransom should have been paid and the already existent potential for projection of force should have been used to send the clearest possible message, perhaps even including the destruction of the Kaaba in Mecca. But it seems that the Islamic forces read us correctly. Too polite to fight back, we see our treasure and our blood and the safety of our women sacrificed for the temporary illusion of good governance.

From The Telegraph:

Europeans have contributed to growth of al-Qaeda in North Africa former security minister says

The folly of European countries paying ransoms to terrorists is being shown “in spades” by the gas plant attack in Algeria, the former security minister has said.

7:40PM GMT 24 Jan 2013

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones has warned that al-Qaeda’s North Africa branch was funding attacks using millions of pounds in ransom money paid by European governments.

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Al Qaeda in North Africa making millions kidnapping: U.S.

By Noah Barkin

BERLIN | Tue Oct 2, 2012 12:15pm EDT

(Reuters) – Islamist militants are increasingly funding themselves through kidnapping, with al Qaeda’s north African wing likely to have brought in tens of millions of dollars in ransoms in the past few years, a senior U.S. Treasury official said.

The United States estimates militant organizations received $120 million over the past decade, including the ransoms paid to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), said David Cohen, undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

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Dad’s navy: Retired sea dogs to protect shipping from Somali pirates


Published: 06 January, 2013, 22:33

Photo made on January 7, 2010 shows an armed Somali pirate (AFP Photo/Mohamed Dahir)

Photo made on January 7, 2010 shows an armed Somali pirate (AFP Photo/Mohamed Dahir)

The UK’s first private navy in almost 200 years has been set up by a group of pioneering businessmen, former marines and retired captains and soldiers to defend shipping off the coast of east Africa from the threat of pirates.

They are frustrated at the inability of the Royal Navy, NATO, the European Union Naval Task Force and other navies to guarantee security for shipping in an area of ocean the size of North America.

“They can’t do the job because they haven’t got the budget and deploying a billion-pound warship against six guys [pirates] with $500 of kit is not a very good use of the asset,” Anthony Sharp, chief executive of Typhon, the company behind the venture, told the Times.

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Somali pirates kidnap aid workers: Swedish NGO

This is a brilliant example of whit is critical that the USA maintains global hegemony of the oceans. Piracy can and will end world trade. Collapse civilizations and move millions from affluence to poverty and disease. If you don’t believe it, research Roman roads and brigands. Might be interesting to see who those brigands were as well while you are at it.

From The Local:

Soldiers of the Somali National Army (SNA) patrol near the town of Afgoye.

Published: 13 Jul 12 15:42 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation

Sweden’s International Aid Services (IAS) confirmed Friday that three of its employees kidnapped in Somalia this week were in the hands of pirates and called for their release.

The two Kenyan aid workers and a Somali doctor were kidnapped in northern Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region on Wednesday.

“It has now been confirmed that a certain pirate group was involved. The hostages are reported well and have been taken to a known location under the control of pirates,” IAS said in a statement Friday.

“No demands have so far been presented by the group.”

IAS said it was in talks with several groups in Kenya and Somalia but refused to name either the kidnappers or where its employees were being held.

The agency “condemns this serious act of aggression against humanitarian staff in the strongest terms,” it said.

“We urge the attackers to immediately and unconditionally release our staff,” it said.

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Denmark releases more than 200 Somali pirates

Translation: Nicolai Sennels from this article in Jyllands-Posten April 6th 2012

“The last three years Danish warships has released more than 200 pirates after having first arrested them. Recently the Danish warship Absalon had to release 17 pirates because the Danish authorities were not able to get either the Seychelles, nor Kenya to put the pirates in front of a judge, even though they had collected evidence. The 17 pirates had been on Absalon since February 27th. They were arrested as the Danish warship stopped a pirate ship and rescued 18 Iranian and Pakistani hostages. Two of the hostages died.”


U.S. Navy rescues Iranian fishermen from Pirates. Again. For the 3rd time this month.

Huff Post:

Iran Fishermen Rescued

First Posted: 1/18/12 11:58 PM ET Updated: 1/19/12 12:19 AM ET

For the third time this month, the U.S. Navy has come to the aid of Iranian fishermen.

On Wednesday, the guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey came the the rescue of a sinking Iranian fishing dhow, the Al Mamsoor, after an MH-60R Seahawk helicopter spotted it in the Arabian Sea early Wednesday morning.

The dhow had been flooding for several days, and by the time the U.S. Navy reached the ship, the Iranian crew had abandoned it and climbed onto other dhows nearby.

Still, it was clear that they needed food and water, so the team from the USS Dewey provided the fishermen with 150 pounds of food, water, medical, and hygienic supplies.

Earlier this month, American forces rescued a group of 13 Iranian fisherman who had been held captive by Somali pirates for more than 40 days.

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Five Spaniards aboard tanker taken by pirates

This is West Africa now. Not off the coast of Somalia.

From Expatica.com


Five Spaniards are among a 23-strong crew captured on a Cyprus-flagged tanker off the coast of the West African country of Benin, Spain’s government said Thursday.

“We are doing everything we can from our embassy in Ghana to resolve the situation,” said a spokesman for the Spanish foreign ministry, which confirmed that five of the crew were Spanish citizens.

Pirates boarded and hijacked the tanker, taking her 23 crew hostage, in the early hours of Wednesday, according to the International Maritime Bureau.

The coast of Benin, which neighbours Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer, has seen a steep increase in hijackings this year, with 19 ships coming under attack.

Dutch parliament wants to tackle pirates ashore

Anyone think this might be a sign of Geert Wilders’ excellent influence in the Parliament of the Netherlands?

From Radio Netherlands

Dutch navy capture the crew of a suspect skiff boarding from the Somali coast

Ruben Koops's picture< Map

Published on : 16 June 2011 – 3:10pm | By Ruben Koops (Photo: AFP)

The Dutch navy will be allowed to fight pirates on Somali territory. A majority in Dutch parliament agreed with Defence Minister, Hans Hillen, today that the anti-piracy effort has to be upgraded. Minister Hillen guarantees, however, that the Dutch won’t be involved in the fight against terrorism that is currently being fought in Somalia. Continue Reading →

HMS Nursemaid: Shame as Navy seizes 17 armed Somalis, gives them halal meat and nicotine patches… then sets them free!

From The Daily Mail:

By Tom Kelly and Paul Revoir
Last updated at 12:29 AM on 12th April 2011

When a Royal Navy warship  captured a crew of Somali pirates,  it seemed like a rare chance to  strike back at the ruthless sea gangsters.

The 17 outlaws were armed with an arsenal of AK 47s and rocket-propelled grenades, and had forced hostages on a hijacked fishing vessel to work as slaves for three months.

But instead of bringing them to justice, the British servicemen were ordered to provide the pirates halal meals, medical checks, cigarettes – and in one case even a nicotine patch – before releasing them in their own boats.

Menace: A skiff carrying Somali pirates speds across the Indian Ocean, where they are causing mayhemMenace: A skiff carrying Somali pirates speds across the Indian Ocean, where they are causing mayhem

The extraordinary treatment – revealed in a Radio 4 documentary to be broadcast tonight – came at a time when Somali piracy is causing mayhem to shipping in the Indian Ocean.

More than £60million was paid in ransoms last year and pirates currently hold 30 ships and nearly 800 hostages.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1375884/Pampered-pirates-Royal-Navy-seizes-17-armed-Somalis-gives-halal-meat-nicotine-patches–sets-free.html#ixzz1JHGMWsGz

(Later on in the article there is this absolute gem: “He also said he was unconvinced that they had enough evidence to convict the pirates – even though they were heavily armed, were carrying hostages and had confessed.”)

Interesting article and audio about the Barbary pirates. A bit of history that fell down the memory hole.

Muslim Pirates Sold a Million Europeans as Slaves: Lewis Lapham

Barbary pirates 1 of 2

Barbary pirates 2 of 2

"Pirates of Barbary"

The cover jacket of “Pirates of Barbary” by Adrian Tinniswood. Source: Riverhead Hardcover via Bloomberg

Audio Download: Muslim Pirates Sold a Million Europeans as Slaves      
Adrian Tinniswood

Adrian Tinniswood is the author of “Pirates of Barbary.” Source: Riverhead Hardcover via Bloomberg

Lewis Lapham

Lewis Lapham of Lapham’s Quarterly in New York. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

On Aug. 4, 1639, William Okeley sailed from the Isle of Wight on the Mary, bound for South America. He was captured by pirates and taken to Algiers, where he was paraded in front of the pasha, Yusuf II, before being sold at the slave market.

For the rest of the article please click the link at the top. The whole podcast is above in 2 parts.

How might the world look if it really was all Muslim?

Here is a sitrep from STRATFOR which I think may be indicative of how an Islamic world might look…

Somalia: Al Shabaab Wants Monitors On Hijacked Ships
February 28, 2011
Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab demanded that pirates allow their fighters to board hijacked ships off the coastal town of Harardhere to monitor ransom exchanges, Reuters reported Feb. 28. Al Shabaab surrounded the pirates’ base in Harardhere to pressure them and their investors. The fighters demanded that pirates allow six militants aboard each ship to monitor the payment and division of ransoms, a pirate said. Al Shabaab established an office in the town after an earlier deal to split ransoms, and a local elder who was involved in those talks said he expects the pirates have no choice but to accept al Shabaab’s order.


A misnomer if there ever was one:

“The countries of European flag-carriers reject arrangements of this sort. The thinking is that the threat of violence to crews would increase if violence is met with violence.”

So what the Finnish Foreign Ministry’s Unit of EU and Treaty Law, Ms. Kaija Suvanto, is trying to say is, Finnish sailors who come into contact with Somali pirates, should prepare themselves to be held captive by these thugs.

The only logical thing to happen from such an obvious failure of a decision, is for the ship owners to reflag themselves with a country that allow s common sense rules of engagement, people need to defend themselves from being held captive by jihadi pirates. KGS

Officials Reject Call for Armed Guards on Finnish Vessels

Finnish officials have rejected calls to place armed guards aboard Finnish cargo ships. Both the Foreign Ministry and police officials have turned down a proposal by the Finnish Shipowners’ Association to use soldiers or armed guards to protect ships in waters off the coast of Somalia. The International Maritime Organisation, the IMO, has urged owners to upgrade security in the face of the growing problem of piracy.

The IMO recently sent a letter to member states and other partners demanding improvements in security arrangements aboard ships at sea. According to the organization, the situation has significantly worsened this year and the warships sent by various countries to patrol the area have not had the impact on piracy that was hoped.

Insurers and private security firms have undertaken to solve the problem themselves. Currently in Britain, steps are underway to establish a private marine corps with its own warship and a force of 150 men. The international security giant G4S is offering owners the services of a special force of British ex-soldiers. According to the company, this special unit has had an average of 40 assignments a month over the past few years.

Finnish security companies are interested in similar operations, at least in theory, even though so far there have not been requests, according to Petri Miettinen of the security services provider Turvatiimi.

“So far none has been received, but when the first request comes in, it will be analysed and an opinion will be sought from the authorities. After that, thought will be given to how it could be carried out in practice,” explains Miettinen.

More here.

UPDATE:  A Tundra Tabloids’ source tells the TT that the Finnish “security service” mentioned in the report, Turvatiimi, is actually a night club security organization. Bwhahahahahahahahahaha!

What do they know about ship security, all they do is to sit and guard the front doors of night clubs and government buildings. We are so screwed. They should be asking firms like Haganah Security what their opinions should be. Unbelievable.