Iranian vessels which crossed Suez Canal carry “advanced Hezbollah weapons” — Israel

Military and Security 2/23/2011 12:10:00 PM

GAZA, Feb 22 (KUNA) — The two Iranian naval ships which crossed the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Tuesday morning are carrying “advanced Hezbollah weapons,” Maariv Israeli paper reported on Wednesday, citing sources.
The sources told the paper, “Estimates indicate the two ships are carrying missiles of different range, rifles, ammunition, and night-vision gear… The voyage of the two ships is an Iranian attempt to go around the arms embargo on Hezbollah.” The paper also said that it is believed the voyage is an attempt on the part of the Iranians to “test the waters” with and gauge the responses of the Egyptian Supreme Military Council and its stance towards Tehran.
Israel had yesterday stressed it was keeping close eye on the progress of the vessels, knew their location precisely, and kept close contact with US officials to exchange views and assess the situation.
Israeli Premier Benyamin Netanyahu had earlier on Monday said Iran was trying to take advantage of the region’s instability to expand its influence.
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11 Replies to “Iranian vessels which crossed Suez Canal carry “advanced Hezbollah weapons” — Israel”

  1. if this is the case, then why Israel allowed the ships to cross is a mystery to me. Why Israel did not kill Ahmadinajacket during his quick tour of Beirut recently is a mystery to me.

    In June 1967, when Israel took her security more seriously, the moment that the UN troops, withdrew from the Suez or thereabouts, from orders from U thant after a phone call from Nasser, Israel realized that it was at war.

    The moment that these 2 Iranian ships entered the Suez, must be seen as a declaration of war. Israel should have destroyed the ships and killed every human being aboard.

    War is coming. This will precipitate it but war is coming.

  2. If Iran thinks they can buffalo Israel and get that equipment on their warships into the Gaza Strip they are really dreaming. They had better be prepared to have the size of their navy downsized in a hurry.

    If Israel was smart in my opinion they would line up their military along the Gaza border and make a clean sweep of everyone there right into the sea and let those terrorists and their families swim to Egypt or drown.

  3. Things are heating up for Israel.

    Once the Muslim Brotherhood is in control of Egypt, you can expect that all countries that border Israel will open fire with everything they have in order to destroy the country. That includes Turkey, Europe’s former ally.

    What will European countries do?

    Not much, since they will be dealing with the millions of fifth column Muslim troops disguised as immigrants now living there. Once the rockets and missiles fly into Israel, this fifth column will create chaos through civil disobedience and terrorist activity.

    Once Israel is weakened or worse, destroyed, the Muslim countries bordering Europe will attack.

    I believe that this scenario is being set up as Europe deals with the fall-out of the new antisemitism, loss of freedom of speech and the mass immigration of Muslims.

    Of this, you can bet your last euro.

  4. Bob Devine Hezbollah is in Lebanon, Hamas is in Gaza. The ships will dock in Syria, unload the weapons and the Syrians will truck them to Lebanon.

    infidel guy Israel is playing a waiting game trying to get more support in Europe and the US, I pray they manage to find some but don’t know if they will.

    RR the war will probably start this summer.

  5. @ Richard. I did not mention Hezbollah or Hamas in my comment. I am sure glad Iran told you that they were not going to test the Israeli resolve to keep arms out of Gaza. That is a great weight off my shoulders. Other than that your critique is not bad.

  6. Certainly interesting but I feel it is more in the nature of boasting. Persian boasting takes a new angle of just mooching around someones elses’s waters without actually doing anything.

  7. Bob Devine here is the title of the article, Iranian vessels which crossed Suez Canal carry “advanced Hezbollah weapons” — Israel
    hThat is why I mentioned Hezbollah

  8. This does not necessarily mean war, Isreal won`t attack Iran without a good reason, if they jump the gun the little support they have is gone. They need to wait till they drop weapons off to someone who isn’t supposed to have them or wait for Iran to fire on them first, if either of those happens they will have enough support to attack, but until then it would be reckless and just plain stupid to go after the ships.

  9. No Israel won’t attack Iran, but Hezbollah and Syria will attack Israel and the way things are going Egypt and Jordan will join in for the kill.

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