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10 Replies to “Yet another lowest-of-the-low, anti Geert Wilders TV ad”

  1. This is a 30 second commercial . Should the PVV turn the tables and simply list similar distasteful behavior of each member of it’s political opponents parties, the length of that video would likely rival the length of the LOTR trilogy and play for profit at the seediest red light district.

  2. It is similar to the exploding heads video; the leftist don’t seem to understand they have crossed a line: These people are getting more and more alienated from convetional society and morals.

    I am betting that the stronger the right grows, the more the left will turn into themselves and the harder they will attack: Both incidents will cause them to create more shocking and amoral political attacks that will enlarge the hatred of the people towards the left.

    The left is killing itself: Very sad, in the end there watery nihilism will destroy itself when it hits the beach of conventional, liberal society.

  3. When they cannot bear to hear the truth, out comes the slander and libel.

    This fear-mongering by the “neo-left” is too much to be believed. Its almost as bad as any propaganda that Muslim media spews out on a daily basis about Israel and the “American-Zionist” conspiracy, among other fantasies.

    Having followed Geert Wilders over the past three years, I can say that if he were a politician where I live, he would get not only my vote, but I would volunteer my time in support of his views on Islam.

    The PVV’s response should be to just keep on doing what they are doing. If the elections were any indication, the more strident the left gets (aided and abetted by the corrupt courts), the more his party looks sane and rational.

    Message to Muslims and the neo-left; the truth hurts. Deal with it.

  4. The frustrating thing is that there is always a lot of talk but nothing gets done. If I were in Holland I’d scream—SOMEBODY would hear my protest !

    How can he defend himself ? You’d think there would be someone who could help him hit back–

    Here he is — one of the few people in Eirope who has it right , and he’s the one who gets beat up

    I don’t know how he stands it– he takes so much abuse in one form or the other so often

  5. Dee the attacks there area like the attacks on the TEA party and the Republicans in the US, the latter two are winning big time because of the attacks like the one in the ad. This is happening because people are getting their news from more sources than the MSM and the political ads, I predict that in the next election Geert and the PVV will win by a very large margin.

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