Something that would never happen in America the brave and the free–an Australian senator says that “Islam itself is the problem.”

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The Australian Herald Sun reports


Islam’s the problems, not Muslims, says Senator Cory BernardiTONY Abbott’s official frontbench understudy has reignited immigration tensions by denouncing Islam as a “totalitarian, political and religious ideology”.

Liberal parliamentary secretary Cory Bernardi revealed last night he had received death threats after making the comments.

While the immigration debate usually differentiates between the religion of Islam and extreme fundamentalist interpretations, Senator Bernardi confronted the issue head-on yesterday.

“Islam itself is the problem–it’s not Muslims,” he told radio station MTR.

“Muslims are individuals that practise their faith in their own way, but Islam is a totalitarian, political and religious ideology.

“It tells people everything about how they need to conduct themselves, who they’re allowed to marry and how they’re allowed to treat other people.”

Senator Bernardi said Islam had “not moved on” since it was founded and that extremists wanted fundamentalist Islamic rule implemented in Australia.

The senator also inflamed the row over funeral expenses for asylum-seekers by declaring that it was “wrong” for taxpayers to foot the bill.

The remarks provoked a strong reaction from Ikebal Patel, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, who said Senator Bernardi had “crossed the line” with his attack on Islam.

“These comments are more than offensive; they are bigoted,” Mr Patel said.

“Cory Bernardi needs to have a good read of the Bible if he is a practising Christian.

“This is hardly the language of a religious person.”

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen also slammed the senator’s remarks.

“The Liberal Party professes to have said this week it would not make political points out of race and religion, but here we have Tony Abbott’s parliamentary secretary launching an attack on a religion,” Mr Bowen said.

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13 Replies to “Something that would never happen in America the brave and the free–an Australian senator says that “Islam itself is the problem.””

  1. When Sergio did his ‘say no to burkas’ mural, Cory told him that he was jealous, as he has been after that kind of recognition for years

  2. Where is your old friend and sparring partner Sajida these days. Never heard a peep from her after your long debate. Looks like the truth is being heard more and more. The definition of islam as a totalitarian religious and political ideology is the best definition yet of islam. Not to mouthy with the legal bit of islam, sharia, thrown out by the use of the world totalitarian. Just the facts: totalitarian, religon, political ideology. Neat. I advise all blogger to remember that defintion given by the truth speaking gentlemen in Oz.

  3. You’re correct that nobody in a position of political power (except for ALLEN WEST) will ever say is in the US, because the American right has been fully infiltrated by islamic supremacist stealth jihadis and their “conservative” enablers. I have a new post about it at my blog, I’d be honored if you would have a look at it:
    The islamic infiltration of the United States today is not much different than the communist infiltration of yesteryear. Allen west is to islamists what Reagan was to communists, which is why he is the ONLY person I want to see next in the Oval Office.

  4. The truth no matter how harsh or biting cannot be refuted. I am sick of hearing that we just don’t understand Islam, however we do, and from reading their ‘scriptures’ we find it is not compatible with Western style democracy and republics with the rule of law, and the concept of civil society with equal rights. I agree scant few of the political class have the ba##s to even have an intelligent discussion on Islam. No one is begging these 7th century types to come to the US or stay here. If they are uncomfortable with western society and laws may I suggest that they migrate to an Islamic country under full Sharia Law, lacking the personal freedom, liberty, opportunity, and modernity that they all despise.

  5. Actually there’s talk show hosts that are beginning to speak out against Islam, albeit timidly and between the lines. There’s Shaun Hannety, Mark Levin, John Bachelor, Jason Mattera, Mancow, Aaron Klein. All on WABC, via iTunes.

  6. That is quite good, however the media outlet you name is only listened to by the enlightened few who are mocked 24/7 by the left leaning talking heads in the MSM and the so-called ‘comedy’ shows on cable.

  7. Allen West has been waffling a little recently, making the usual false distinctions all elected leaders make about Islam, extremists, Islamism and so on.

    Great article on your site by the way.

  8. His point is moot. You cannot have an ideology without followers just as you cannot have a crime without the criminals.

    You cannot separate Islam from Muslims, since the very definition of a Muslim is “one who submits” (to their deity).

    I am glad that people of some authority are speaking out against the totalitarian ideology that is Islam. Geert Wilders, Elizabeth Sabadisch-Wolf, the EDL members, and now Cory Benardi. Add to this the growing number of European heads of state who have admitted that multiculturalism has failed and you begin to see a widening picture.

    More and more people must be made aware that for every ‘good’ Muslim (those who stand aside and watch), there are at least 10 others who support a universal caliphate and jihad against the west and the free world.

    I say its time for a reverse hajri. Ship them all back and leave them to stew in sharia-land until they either grow up or die. I’m fed up with their nonsense.

  9. They are wild men of the deset. The desert extends all the way from the tip of north Africa to Iran and then finishes in the rocky land of afghanistan. These wild terrains made these people savages who cover their savagery with the hot air of boasting and burkas. The burkaworkers work and the boasters boast but they are all savage desert dwellers. Their workmanship of carpet weavinging and their boasting does not impress anyone. They get their buildings like the tallest building in the world built by a south korean firm called Samsung. While they weave and boast they are fooling people with the surface reality that some people prefer to reality. Pull back the screen and you will see them in their desert tents boasting about taking over the world and how great they are and of course weaving their prayer mats to pray to their black cube god, the Kaaba.

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