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3 Replies to “Chinese spies hack into Parliament hill, MP’s files.”

  1. oops chinese are becoming more headache day by day…. all google warned them because of hacking important information in US, but reversely china as banned google in china, who lost there 40% shares in china…

  2. The Chinese have never been our friends. Well, not since 1949 anyway. The part of this piece that drives me crazy isn’t the attack itself, we should expect that. But the anti government slant they [ CTV ] project because compared to contries like Britian, with twice our population and huge interanl security threats, and the US with all of it’s own problems and a world full of enemies, we aren’t spending enough. It isn’t about the amount of cash you spend, but how you spend it.

  3. China is another nation that is about to burst into flames with massive unrest, their economy isn’t strong at all, they have been lying about the figures, and they are in the middle of a drought. This means there entire wheat crop has failed and a lot of their rice crop has failed, without the home grown food China won’t be able to buy enough to keep all of the bellies full. One of the things that touched off the mess in the Middle East was high food prices and massive hunger. This is going to hit China sometime this year.

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