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13:00PM Prayers are being held Omar makram mosque and Qasr El-Dubbara church around Tahrir Square. A special prayer will be held for the revolution’s martyrs.

12:56PM Al-Qaradawi calls on the “brave Egyptian army” to open the Rafah crossing so that Gazans can receive the supplies they need. Turning his attention to arab leaders, he says: “Don’t fight history, you can’t delay the day when it starts. The Arab world has changed.”

12:40PM Al-Qaradawi praises the army’s statements on democratic transition and asks them to liberate Egypt from Mubarak’s cabinet.

12:33PM Al-Qaradawi extols Egyptians to persevere with their revolution as it “continues to build a new Egypt” and should be “protect[ed] from hypocrites.” He condemns the regime for being the source of sectarianism in Egypt while in “here in Tahrir”, Christians and Muslims strove side-by-side for their revolution.

12:19PM Yusuf Al-Qaradawi gives the Friday sermon from a podium in Tahrir Square to the hundreds of thousands in attendance. He praises the January 25 revolution, describing it as an “educated” one. Al-Qaradawi adds that it was not only Mubarak Egypt’s youths defeated, they also defeated injustice and oppression.

12:12PM Prominent Islamic scholar Yusuf Al-Qaradawi is preparing to deliver the Friday prayer sermon in Tahrir Square. According to, Al-Qaradawi was invited to give the sermon by youth activists grateful for his support of the revolution to oust the ruling regime.

12:05PM Meanwhile, a pro-Mubarak rally is reported to be taking place in Mohendiseen attended by around 100 people.


  1. If this grizzly piece of garbage was so brave, he would be marching with those soldiers.

    Another Arafat. Telling muslims to breed children as human time bombs. But only a muslim is dumb enough to believe it.

  2. May you live in interesting times! I suspect we are about to see a decade of intrigue, assassination, secret meetings, and devilish plots all across North Africa and the Middle East as the Muslim World begins to melt in on itself and the paradigm shifts from many nations in one region to one big nation: the Ummah of Islam – The Caliphate. The Quran actually teaches the technique of creating social unrest – which it describes as unbearable – and then “curing” the unrest by imposing Islam. That’s one of the ways it works. What we’re seeing in the news these days isn’t weird; it’s exactly what “should” be happening. Everything is right on schedule. Sort of inexorable, isn’t it? If it doesn’t scare you, you are not paying attention.

  3. He is a fitting head for the desert brown man nation of Egypt. They are all alike these nations despite what they tell you in the media. Egypt is the desert brown man nation with a glorious past which they prove with thier artefacts and wonderful treasures from pharonic times. Other nations are just allegedly great such a persia with not one bit of art or anything to prove it. Just bluster. No actual evidence in any museum. Some babylonian stuff that they claim to be thier own. But not much else. Egypt holds on to some of its brilliant old glory and is not even fully islamiced. There are nearly 18 million copts or the originial people who speak the coptic language of ancient times. In many ways this may be the end of the egypt that hung on so wonderfully despite the brutal arab colonialists being in charge for so long. The arabs are back in the driving seat now that mubarack is gone. A shame indeed. Mubarak is a million times better than this old school colonialist al quaradawi.

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