Iran’s superstitious crap is the rest of the worlds worry

Clearly reasonable people have a very hard time believing that an entire nation can actually dedicate themselves to this nonsense. So its very hard to convince people that we need to defend ourselves against it. Many of my closest friends are certain that Iran’s leadership actually do not believe this stuff, but its all geopolitical business as usual and they use this stuff to get the rubes in line.

I find it hard myself not to fall into that thinking. But history warns us, the barbarians bust down the gates and trump reason when reason fails to adequately defend itself from mans more fanatical nature.

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Thank you Richard.

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4 Replies to “Iran’s superstitious crap is the rest of the worlds worry”

  1. The entire country doesn’t have to believe the myth, all that is necessary is if the leaders of the nation believe it. During WWII the majority of Germans weren’t Nazi’s and didn’t want war, this didn’t stop their leaders from starting a war and us having to fight them. We have to fight this war also, and we have to remember that a significant portion of the Iranian military do believe this and will die to bring about the hell on earth that is considered necessary before the Mahdi returns.

  2. Richard there is something called MAD. Mutally Assured Destruction. It kept the Russians at bay during the cold war. This time it is different. The destruction will be complete for Iran but limited for Isreal. There tech is inadequate. They rely on Russians and are button pushers who know not what they do with the button they have been given by the Russians. Scary.

  3. It seems that Arab/Muslim world is itching for a war with Israel. Israel is a first world country. Lets hope for their sake, they don’t start it.

  4. Richard is pretty much on the mark when he compares Iran to Nazi Germany. Both countries were/are led by fanatics who are intolerant, cruel, vicious and will do anything to maintain their power, even to the death of millions of their fellow citizens.

    Both share a horrid antisemitic ideology and both firmly believe that they are in the right, no matter what the facts may state.

    We have every reason to fear this nonsense, since it led to the world’s largest armed conflict.

    DP111, you are also on the mark.

    Saudi Arabia has been openly arming itself for the past three decades ostensibly for “defense”. Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey have all been using the PA as a soapbox to denigrate Israel and gain leftist support in the gullible west. The last four countries will soon be joined by Egypt as the terrorist-spawning Muslim Brotherhood gains more power.

    Islam is poised to wage open war, not only against Israel but against everyone who opposes the ‘divine right’ of Islam. Muslims have been brainwashed into thinking of themselves as a ‘master religion’ for far too long for things to be otherwise.

    What I truly fear for is the fate of Europe, which was the original home of democracy and modern notions of freedom and justice. All that may disappear under the heel of Islamic demands on the one hand and too-liberal governments on the other who will use the courts to quell any opposition to Islam.

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