STRATFOR: Iran, U.S.: Obama Encourages Protesters, Criticizes Regime

February 15, 2011 STRATFOR:
The Iranian regime pretends to celebrate events in Egypt while attacking Iranians who attempt to demonstrate peacefully, U.S. President Barack Obama said Feb. 15 at a White House press conference, CNN reported. Obama expressed hope that the Iranian people would continue to protest for more freedom and representation in government with the full knowledge that Washington could no more dictate the outcome there than it could inside Egypt. The United States can give moral support to those seeking a better life, he said

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  1. The’ Propagandist In Chief’ gets a briefing from his staff who like the Clintons use the pollsters to get the feel of the public mood, so they can tell the public exactly what it wants to hear, and does not conflict with the editorials and the MSM. Heaven forbid that the administration would get caught or be accused of being out of touch, and not have a grasp of the situation.

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