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9 Replies to “Apostates of Islam in Germany face death”

  1. Hey that’s our regional state TV station^^ I also know a guy from around here who converted to xtianity and was hassled by his own family. Remarkably enough, they do not visit the local mosque because of too much extremism, a bit bizarre. In the end he had to move to a place, where they can’t easily find him.

  2. This is what is meant by a “clash of civilizations”. To us, the idea of killing somebody because they leave their religion is completely unacceptable and illegal, but to Islam it is fundamental. According to the Hadiths there are three reasons for killing a Muslim:
    1) Murder of another Muslim where blood-money has not been paid.
    2) Adultery committed by a married Muslim.
    3) Apostasy.
    It is ridiculous to think that Muslims and non-Muslims could ever live together; things like the apostasy law are deal-breakers. I do not want to live among people who think it’s OK to kill somebody because they quit their religion. I do not want to learn to tolerate that and I do not like people who do. I think that is an evil, narrow-minded way of looking at things and I reject it entirely. There’s no getting past such a thing.

  3. I will repeat myself when I say that death is a pretty good deterrent to free thought and freedom of conscience and Islam has cornered that market for centuries.

    Too bad that hundreds of millions of people still believe that nonsense and will act upon it.

    Jihadists beware. If you so much as touch anyone who leaves Islam of their own accord, you might be next in line…

    If you get what I mean.

  4. EDL Buck:

    The subtitles are not hard coded, which is what I do typically, but are youtube overlays. You have to turn them on or enable them. If you play with the controls of the video you will be able to see them. Please click through to the youtube page where this video lives and enable the titles. If lots of people have trouble with this, I will ask for permission to screen cap this video with the titles playing and reupload it.

    Please let me know how it goes.


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