Mask comes off of the Euro-left

The narrative that the left wing is against racism but just hates Jews seems to be gaining steam and becoming less subtle these days. This video is right out of the Nazi era.

Please click over to this site for more information on this march. I will dig into it more and see if anyone can identify the flags being flown and so on.

Thanks Dan for the heads up.

I asked my friend and fellow Vlad contributor, A Milar to help me identify some of the symbols this crowd is carrying.

Here is what he gave me so far:

The red flags are Socialist Workers Party flags.

Here is a better image from a different event:


Take a look at your video at around 5:50-5:54. You get a good shot of one then.

Unite Against Fascism is a Socialist Workers Party front group. Interesting that they would march while anti-Semitic statements were being used to whip up the crowd — sounds like an SWP speaker too.

Socialist Workers Party… Socialist Workers party… Where have I heard that name before…. hey anyone know how to say that in German?

Thanks A. Milar for the help.

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11 Replies to “Mask comes off of the Euro-left”

  1. The left is very racist, they are saying they are just anti-Jew but if they ever manage to take total control they will show their true colors, they are showing their anti-Semitism because that has become politically correct.

  2. This is the core of European culture. One cannot surrender it easily. Even if the europeans killed 9,00,00 jews or more, this is the core of european culture.

    In fact, so great is the hatred for jews that the euros had to invite scores of arab muslims to enjoy their culture with them.

    But the euros did not expect that the arab muslims regard them, the euros, as jews.

    THE END ?

  3. I won’t go that far but there is a strain of anti-Semitism that runs through the upper crust of Britain, and from what I am seeing through part of the upper crust of the States. The idea of letting the Moslems in wasn’t to let them kill the Jews, it was to use them to take over the west. This was done by the left in their goal of world conquest, they get along with the Moslems so well because both groups want to conquer the entire world.

    FYI: It was 6,000,000 Jews that were killed, the other 4,000,000 that died in the camps were Gypsies, Christians of various denominations, and others Hitler considered to be a danger to him.

  4. Antisemitism is the wrong response to who the Jews are and has been since the Romans defeated them at Massada in 70 AD. At least, the Romans defeated one branch of Judaism that existed at the time, causing the second Diaspora which lasts to this day.

    This wrong response continued well into European history as millions of Christians believed the lies that Jews killed their founder and are responsible as a whole for what occurred. Only Roman law could crucify anyone for crimes against the Roman state. This is found in surviving legal documents of the time.

    Now the left, for decades champions of pro-semitism, has collectively seen fit to believe more lies propagated by Muslims all over the world that Palestine (itself a non-country) has suffered greatly by Israeli hands. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Each year, thousands of Palestinians are treated in Israeli hospitals for things as simple as broken limbs to serious wounds sustained by Israeli defense forces. And millions of dollars worth of trade exists between the two warring factions.

    And yet the left buys up the propaganda as if it were Louis Vitton or McDonald’s, depending on the size of the lies. Whatever the left now believes as a group, it certainly costs many their critical thinking skills when it comes to Judaism and Israel.

  5. The idea that the Jews were the killers of Christ came from the Jewish religous leaders choosing the their instead of Christ to be let go, unfortunatly the uneducated of all of the ages since them have decided that all Jews were guilty for the actions of a few. Just as so many people say all Germans were Nazi’s and all Russians were communists.

    As far as the left buying the propaganda goes any leftist who is capable of original thought leaves the left and becomes a conservative.

  6. Richard,

    I think that Infidel Guy (Canada) may have been referring to the total number of Jews in Europe that Christian Europeans killed throughout the past thousand years.

    Christian Europeans killed many Jewish people in massacres of Jewish communities in Europe throughout the past thousand years.

  7. Yeah, at least twice the 9 mill mentioned, and it took them a long time because at no time were they out to kill all of them, just enough to drive them back to the ghettos or out of the country.

  8. Richard,

    I appreciate your lack of antipathy toward the Jewish people, and I appreciate your relative sympathy toward the Jewish people.


    You have expressed a view which views Jewish people as being an abstract entity – and, as part of that, as being a religion. Jewish people are not an abstract entity. Jewish people are not a religion. Jewish people are an ethnic and cultural group – just like every other ethnic and cultural group in the world. The religious ideology that it appears that you adhere to (Christianity) holds, as a tenet of the religion, an actual living group of people – the Jewish people (whose traditional religion (and cultural narrative, and identity) the religion that you adhere to utterly usurped) – as being central characters – fetishes – (cosmically villainous characters – cosmically villainous fetishes) in the religious narrative of the religion that you adhere to.

    Jewish people are a group of normal human beings whose culture and traditional religious ideology was very different from the cultures and traditional religious ideologies of the people (non-Jewish Middle-Eastern people and European people) among whom the Jewish people lived for several thousand years, and the cultural narrative, and traditional religious ideology, and, even the cultural identity, of the Jewish people was utterly usurped by the religions (Christianity and Islam) that were adopted by the people (non-Jewish Middle-Eastern people and European people) among whom the Jewish people lived.

    For over two thousand years, the Jewish people have beneficially contributed to the cultures of, and have greatly beneficially influenced, and have continuously been under attack by, the people (non-Jewish Middle Eastern people and European people) among whom the Jewish people have lived for approximately three thousand years.

    It would be beneficial if culturally Christian-European (Christians and post-Christian) people and Muslim Middle Eastern people, to, instead of looking at any harmful actions that any Jewish people may have done in the past, or are doing at the present time, look at the actions that their own people – members of the ethnic and cultural groups of people that they are members of – have done in the past, and are doing at the present time.

  9. Richard,

    I wrote my last previous comment before I saw your last previous comment.

    I appreciate your understanding that you expressed in your last previous comment.

  10. I myself love Jews and black people. I also love Somoans.The world is full of variety. Jews and black have given me so much happiness. Even the somoans have. The Rock. That great Somoasn wrestler and his famous line: If you smellllllllllll whattttttttttttttt the Rock is coocking!

  11. Thank you Daniel Bielak I try to stay detached when I write or discuss things, I have a very nasty temper and as a former Army Sergent I have a rather large vocabulary of cuss words, in several different languages. I find staying detached leads to fewer shouting matches, and then having to explain what some of the cuss words mean.

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