1. Yes, Islam has the right.
    British law does not but who will give in is the question.

    There is a hint on that at the bottom, “Islam does not condone beating of young children.” But Islam doesn’t call it beatings they call it punishment so it will be accepted.

  2. Less than 60 years ago, it was customary to beat misbehaving children at school with the strap of a smack on the head. I saw it happen when I went, and I certainly didn’t go to any religious schools. Thankfully it doesn’t happen today, but teachers and parents are definitely tempted.

    When the same thing happens today for reasons of indoctrination, as it does in religious schools and madrassas, it is unacceptable. The students become mindless drones.

    This is one good reason to stop Muslims from forming their own schools.

    Another reason is that Islam teaches hate and superstition above all other things.

  3. I know what you mean RR, but there is a difference in discipline and abuse, when I was in school the “Board of Education” could meet the “Seat of Knowledge”, you had to do something real bad before it was done, but it could be done. I never knew any mindless drones from this, what I did see was kids that were respectful and it was safe to go to school.

    What I saw in the video was abuse, the people weren’t trying to discipline the kids, they were getting their kicks by beating on people who couldn’t fight back, like all bullies.

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