Some fantastic photographs from the EDL march in Luton

To see them all, please click over to the site of the people that took them. Lots of great pics of an amazing event. Perhaps arguably, the event that assisted the current Prime Minister of England and perhaps even France, to come to the realization that forcing the extinction of the local culture and submission to highly alien ones may not go as peacefully as planned.

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  1. Over many years we succeeded in adopting a humane slaughter of animals as the norm. Since we allowed in Muslims, we have adopted the barbaric practice of the slow killing of animals, just to keep Muslims happy, and prevent them from going on a murderous riots. Now our elites are forcing the population to eat halal meat without their knowledge. How would it be if we forced vegetarians to eat meat disguised as vegetables?

    Its unacceptable that our values of humane slaughter have been trashed to appease the unappeasable. How has it come to pass, that we have trashed our humane values and forced our society to barbarism – worse still, it has been done with no reference to us.

    Its time to say enough. Halal slaughter and Halal meat, imported or otherwise, should be totally banned in Europe.

  2. DP111 the question is begged, what is the point in developing standards and laws at all if we are to allow people to flagrantly ignore them with the worst possible excuse that they made up a supernatural creature who told them they had to do things this way.

    If we cannot get our governments to deal appropriately with Islam, which is to say remove any special status whatsoever from prayer rooms at airports to halal foods slaughtered in violation of our hard-won animal cruelty laws, then I say we all need to adopt some ancient religion, druidism or worshippers of Thor or Zeus, and start demanding exceptions for ourselves.

    The first one should be the cult of residents of, or those who wish to be residents of Texas. We demand the right to carry a colt 45 to defend our freedoms much like Sikh’s get to carry a knife to defend their religion.

    Mind you as I understand that, it was to defend themselves from Muslims who treat Sikhs like diseased chickens.

  3. Eeyore

    I’m glad to see that EDL is against halal slaughter. One of the core principles of civilisation is how it treats animals.

    So much for all our elites describing the EDL as Far Right yahoos, football hooligans, and uneducated rifraff. EDL has, in that one poster on halal butchery, shown greater understanding of civilised values then the massed ranks of the MSM.

  4. Eeyore not just Texas, all states West of the Mississippi or South of the Mason Dixon line with the exception of those on the west coast. The rest all want the right to carry weapons to defend out selves, we have worked hard to slowly regain some of our Second Amendment rights the left took from us during the 20th Century. In my home state you can carry openly without a license but require a license to carry concealed, we and others are working for the right to carry anywhere without a license.

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