An interesting little info-bit on the history of Islam in China

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Dungan revolt (1862–1877)

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“Dungan revolt” redirects here. For the later Hui revolt against the Qing, see Dungan revolt (1895–1896)

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The Dungan Revolt was a religious and ethnic war in 19th-century China. It is also known as the Hui Minorities’ War. The term is sometimes used to refer to the Panthay Rebellion in Yunnan which occurred during the same period. It was an uprising by members of the Hui and other Muslim ethnic groups in China‘s Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia provinces, as well as in Xinjiang, between 1862 and 1877.

The uprising was chaotic and often involved warring factions of bands and military leaders with no goal or purpose, merely to fight, on the western bank of the Yellow River (Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia (excluding the Xinjiang province)). A common misconception is that it was directed against the Qing Dynasty, but there is no evidence at all showing that they intended to attack the capital of Beijing. When that rebellion failed, mass-emigration of the Dungan people into Imperial Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan ensued.

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5 Replies to “An interesting little info-bit on the history of Islam in China”

  1. An interesting historical event not much known around the world.

    What I note was that Muslim sects of one sort or another fomented rebellion against Peking rule, and when that was suppressed violently, fled to SE Asia – Burma and Thailand, where they are, or will soon enough, foment the same trouble that was responsible for their eviction from China.

    Can’t think of any other relevant comment apart from the above.

  2. DP111 they are already fomenting the rebellions, we in the west just don’t hear much about them, unless you read the papers from that region you don’t hear much at all about the region.

  3. Richard

    I know that this is happening in Thailand, but I don’t know if they are the descendants of those that fled from China or some other group.

    It is so damned difficult to keep track of these types.

  4. It will be the same in Egypt. The protesters for freedom and democracy will get a shock when they learn that the military dislikes disorder, and the shooting starts. Then these same protesters will be streaming to the West.

  5. You are right in both posts, keeping track of what is going on in the Moslem world needs a very large team. As to the non Islamist protesters if they get lucky they will make it out of Egypt, but will arrive in the Western nations in time to see the violence spread to our nations. We are all in danger, no nation is safe from the coming violence.

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