Slavery in Mauritania

It stuns me that pretty much everyone I know vilifies the nations that centuries ago, fought wars to end slavery both at home and abroad and gets visibly high off of their own sanctimony doing so, while being pretty much oblivious to the fact that it is still common in the Islamic world today. Obviously the issue is not one of the evils of slavery.

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  1. Wow and to think this goes on and black muslims worry about the arab palastinian who go to dine in their many restaurants in that fabled land called Gaza, that mighty arab that land of plenty. Check out the Roots club on Ciro road, Gaza, with a 16 page menu on youtube. You can actually meet real live black muslims who know nothing about the black slaves of arabs today but cry loads for the pallys who have a gdp per capita in excess of that of Turkey. Propaganda is everything and the arabs are the world’s masterclass in enslaving blacks, keeping it a secret and getting blacks that they captured, conquered, circumcised and converted to cry for them the arab colonliser rather than for their own black enslved group of people. However, I have a funny feeling these black people in mauritania who are enslaved by arabs are less inclined to cry for the fat arabs than they are for their own oppressed people. The black muslims who cry for the arabs are usually not the enslaved ones but the propagandised ones. In effect they are both enslaved groups one physically and the other cut physically by circumcison with the the psychological enslavement being in their arab loving minds. The word for slave in arabic means black.

  2. Eeyore the reason you don’t hear about modern slavery is because Westerners aren’t the ones doing the enslaving, since they can’t use it to beat us over the head with the left ignores the problem. After all it isn’t there friends who are being enslaved and they won’t gain any votes by working to free the slaves so why should they care. The far left is the true home of racism.

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