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4 Replies to “Newt Gingrich at CPAC – The War With No Name”

  1. People underestimate Newt to their peril, he is one of the smarter men that we have ever elected to office, and he was the man that organized and led the campaign that took over Congress in 1994, he is one of the best we have.

  2. One correction to Newt’s speech – Obama is not wrong, he is merely following his sinister anti-Western agenda. Everything Obama has done, masked by his oily and insincere speeches in which he talks the talk, is in reality opposite to his actions, in which he is certainly walking the walk of radicalism.

  3. 100% correct Comrade Obama our ‘Dear Leader’ is merely following the orders of his handlers, and putting our us on a path towards the ‘Orwellian New World Order’. The loss of personal freedoms, the failure to secure our borders, the dumbing down and destruction of the military, and the destruction of our economy are no accident, but careful and cunning plans.

  4. Both of you are right, but Newt can’t come out and state that without being called a conspiracy nut by every news company, including FOX. No one wants to admit that the President of the US is actively working to destroy the US, the meme that he is simply naive is too strong, and the left has demonized the people who tell the truth about the left to the point it is almost impossible to get a non leftist politician to call them evil and at times traitors.

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