Saudi Arabia’s ‘Schrodinger’s King.’

From Gates of Vienna verbatim:

Is King Abdullah Dead?

There are persistent rumors that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has died. As far as I can tell there is little mention of it in the news, and only one article that states it as a fact. AFP reports that the king is in “excellent health”. acknowledges the rumors, but denies their accuracy:

(Dubai) — A source is laying to rest a rumor that the king of Saudi Arabia is dead.

An adviser to a senior member of the ruling family says King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz is alive.

Abdullah has been on the mend in Morocco since January after he had surgery in the U.S. for a blood clot that complicated a slipped disc.

The only article I can find that says Abdullah is dead is from Islam Times . Notice the assertion that the king became upset after an argument with President Obama, and had a heart attack as a result (all spelling errors are in the original):

Saudia Arabia’s King Abdullah Passed Away

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz passed away yesterday, according to an Islam Times reporter…

Islam Times: Saudi Arabia’s 86-year-old King Abdullah was discharged from a New York City hospital in good health after going through two back operations in December 2010. The king delegated the management of the affairs of the world’s largest oil supplier to his half-brother, Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, during his absence.

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  1. From all of the articles the Saudi King was the one insisting that Mubarak be allowed to stay until September and Obama wants him gone now, the fact that shortly after this heart attack was suppose to have taken place Mubarak resigns points to this report being at least semi-correct. Remember the last time a Saudi King died they kept it quiet for a couple of weeks while they worked out who would assume the crown.

  2. I found this.. 10/02/2011

    Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz is alive, a source close to the monarch said on Thursday denying reports of his death.

    “The king is presently in Morocco; he is in good health and good spirits. The report on his death is untrue,” the source in Morocco said. web portal reported on Thursday that King Abdullah suffered a sudden heart attack after a phone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama, during which they discussed the events in Egypt.

    The portal said doctors were unable to save the king and he was pronounced dead, but “his death was not reported due to the sensitive conditions that exist in the region.”

  3. Yes he is 86, and the last time a Saudi King died they kept it quiet for a couple of weeks while they settled who would be the new King. What scares me is a report I read a couple of years ago that said the most probable successor is a supporter of bin Laden and jihad.

  4. Richard, I doubt it, because I have been reading lately that the Saudi people are wanting change and things have become a lot more westernised.

    I just tried to find a Youtube video I watched a while back, where youngsters were having a party and apart from one girl wearing a hijab, the rest of them were fully western clothed.

  5. I hope you are right, things will go better for us if the Moslem Brotherhood runs into several road blocks in its quest to recreate the Caliphate, but I know that several of the true experts are afraid of the same thing.

  6. No doubt that Egypt’s a huge concern , but the Saudis are crying out for change

    I also think the Jordan is in deep trouble

  7. Its not just Jordan, the entire Middle East is poised on the bring of war, and the protests have spread to Albania and Belarus, about the only places in the Moslem world that are not having protests are the former Soviet stans, and they are getting closer to them. The world is poised for war, and the longer it is held off the worse it will be.

  8. No need to apologise. I have a fit when I look back at some of my mistakes !!

    No so sure about the whole of the ME. I wonder how the muslim in the White House would back ?

  9. Looks like Ahmadinejad is running scared ..this from Israel national News
    “Revolution fever is returning to Tehran, where new and illegal protests are planned tomorrow as the United States charges Iran “is scared of the will of its people.”

    The regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has already blocked several opposition websites, including one named “Bahman,” the 11th month of the Persian calendar, in advance of the planned rally Monday. ”

    I read yesterday that Hamas won’t hold the election which is due, as it’s scared due to its popularity being well and truly on the decline

  10. We spoke of this yesterday

    First Ever: Political Party in Saudi Arabia

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose government has not changed since its founding in 1932, appears to be reacting to the winds of change blowing throughout the Arab Middle East. For the first time, a political party has been established – and though it has not yet received official government approval, it has asked King Abdullah for such.

    The kingdom revolves politically around the royal Al-Saud family in many ways: The head of government and chief of state is King and Prime Minister Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz Al-Saud; next in line to become king is Deputy Prime Minister and Crown Prince Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz Al-Saud, his half-brother; and the Second Deputy Prime Minister is Nayif bin Abd Al-Aziz Al-Saud, another half-brother of the king.

    The design of the national flag is closely associated with the Al-Saud family, and the national anthem is Aash Al Maleek, meaning “Long Live Our Beloved King.” In 1992, Saudi Arabia’s first constitution was presented, specifying that it is an absolute monarchy ruled by the descendants of Abdel Aziz ibn-Saud according to the Koran and Islamic law (sharia).

    The only non-Islamic national holiday is September 23, which marks the unification of the kingdom in 1932.

    The new party is named the Islamic Nation Party, and is supported by lawyers, businessmen, lecturers and political activists identified with the Islamic Movement. In their request for recognition, they noted that they will work for political reform and human rights, and stated that the “regime need not fear the democratic spirit overtaking the Arab world.”

    Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet of Ministers is appointed by the monarch every four years and includes many royal family members. There are no elections, though a committee of Saudi princes was established in 2006 to play an unspecified role in selecting future kings; the system will not take effect until after Crown Prince Sultan becomes king.

    In addition, a Consultative Council exists, with 150 members and a chairman appointed by the monarch to serve four-year terms; the Council of Ministers announced in 2003 its intention to hold elections for some of the Consultative Council, though no such elections have ever been held. Municipal elections were held in 2005 in some cities.

  11. Shirl In Oz yes Amadidajad is running scared, but I don’t think he is going to lose control of Iran. I find the news from Saudi interesting but want to wait and see what happens before I get my hopes up.

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