The Indonesian video.

Youtube pulled this video and rightfully so perhaps, it is extremely harsh. But it needs to be available somewhere as this does show Islam acting as Koran demands. I suggest no one watch this unless they really do not believe that Muslims do this for religious reasons or not in Indonesia. Really, this is harsh.

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  1. The indonesian video takes up a lot more traffic than i’d expect for this quality. Al Jazeera is rather not afraid to broadcast uncensored violence, not seen scenes like those mob killings with primitive weapons, which AJ seems to enjoy always and everywhere, or gun-related gore on any TV station around here or available via Zattoo, not even in boring russian sex’n’crime TV. On the other hand, subsequent censorship does happen, when clips are repeated, they cut out scenes or simply freeze the screen for a moment. (like in 1:08 here) Saw that at least once, maybe they get angry calls.

  2. I read a Hadith – I can’t remember which one – that implored the Believer to do things that would “shame an animal” when fighting against the Unbeliever. What the world needs to know is that the murderers in that video could be proper religious men who are doing nothing wrong according to their religion. They are simply doing things that would shame an animal. That’s what they are supposed to be doing!

  3. Islam urges its followers do commit crimes, those “things that would shame an animal” after brainwashing them since birth that this is the right thing to do.

    How do you fight that?

    You cannot fight it with words, because they will out-shout you or kill you. You cannot fight it through the courts because you will either run out of money or be dead before the trial/hearing. You cannot fight it through education because they cannot be educated out of their conditioning. You cannot fight it with missionary work, diplomacy, statesmanship or any reasonable alternative to the one way you can fight it: through force.

    The west and the free world must be as harsh to Islam as Islam is on the west and the free world. Its World War IV and its -is- being televised.

    Only most of the world chooses to ignore it.

  4. RRWest you are right, it is WWIV and it is being televised, but the western media is ignoring it because the violence doesn’t fit their PC ideas. The net is getting the facts out to people, which is why the left and other tyrants and wanna be tyrants try and take over the net, so they can censor videos like this one.

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