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5 Replies to “Threats cancel Sarah Palin speech in the USA”

  1. And the left starts showing its true face, they are so afraid of Sarah Palin that they will do anything they can to keep her from doing anything, we can expect much more of this over the next year or two.

  2. Just to clear up any misunderstanding, ihope you will publish my emails if you
    Consider them suitable.
    Kind regards, Daniel

  3. A similar situation as described by Richard prevails in the UK and Europe whereby
    anyone who threatens the Lib/Left establishment is subjected to threats and abuse
    rather than reasoned debate. However, hope springs eternal; the seeds of change are
    being planted. Thanks to creation of the English Defence League which is growing in
    strength and popularity.At a recent rally which attracted thousands of supporters
    Including speakers from many countries including the USA it was noted that defence leagues are being formed throughout Europe to fight against left wing

  4. Daniel Arnott the left in the US works closely with the left in Europe and to a slightly lesser extent in South America, they all try to build the same type of organizations and try to use the same tactics. If you see some left wing group try a new tactic and it works you will see it in all nations.

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