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9 Replies to “Nigel Farage on Finnish TV”

  1. If this is the best Finnish TV can do, then CBC has nothign to worry about. If you are goinig to do an interview that is not in your mother tongue and you are not very fluent in that language, perhaps you should let someone else do it. These guys where way out of their league here.

  2. On the contrary, Finns just have thick accents. The original has the hosts turning to camera and giving full verbatim translations of what farage has just said, in Finnish, to their audience. These were obviously cut out. Their language skills were excellent.

  3. Yes I cut the Finnish out because it was a verbatim translation. They are idiots because of the questions. They asked Nigel ‘So you like the EU then?’ or something like that after an articulate diatribe against it, and he is famous for his contempt for the European Union.

  4. I must diagree. The first content of the criticism was the European Commission. I think the interviewer was trying to ascertain if Farage would object to a European Union that was democratic and was not Commission dominant.

    Yes the questions were stupid, but Farage absolutely loved the interview and complained over why he is never asked these questions in the UK for example. (he’s a Facebook friend) This is when Nigel is at his strongest, when his interviewer’s ignorance means he can address the fundamental flaws of the EU, and can patiently explain what a deeply malevolent entity it is.

    He is thus given an opportunity to express this view directly to the audience watching at home, who are usually swallowers of pro-EU propaganda that dominates the European media agenda.

  5. I like that guy, but his message doesn’t particularly brighten up my mood. Guess I should be indifferent to the inevitable, which can be labelled as defeatism. At least it’s fun to watch the megalomanic freak show every now and then, acting in the almost failed state belgium.

  6. very happy european defeat isn’t inevitable, in fact given what is happening around the world it is unlikely the EU will survive another decade, it has way to many flaws and there are way too many things going wrong for it to survive. Personally given the difference in languages, cultures and customs I don’t see any type of EU as a political unit working, now a common market on the other hand is a good idea.

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