Aftermath: Showing of ‘Iranium’ Clare lopez

This is Clare Lopez after the showing of the film, ‘Iranium’ which took place on Superbowl Sunday, Feb 6 2011. It was a complete sell out with over 50 people being turned back at the door. Minister of heritage, James Moore was there and spoke before the film. I will have that up shortly as well as an interview with a Persian language radio show host here in Canada.

The security for this show was stunning. There were sniffer dogs that went through the whole building before anyone was allowed in. There were police of several kinds in and outside the building. Coat checks and bag checks were mandatory for everyone. People accepted it stoically. Canadians showed real conviction by coming out to this event. I was personally very proud to see so many Canadians coming to this movie. It was an act of defiance uncharacteristic of Canadians as a rule.

Look for much more on this over the next day or so. I will be uploading more footage. Part II of this Q&A is uploaded in this post and other interviews will appear in posts of their own.

I will be uploading part II shortly. Meanwhile, this SITREP just came in from STRATFOR. I thought it was fitting to post it here:

February 7, 2011 STRATFOR:
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps navy commander said Iranian forces would close the Strait of Hormuz if any military action is taken against Iran, Mehr News Agency reported Feb. 7. Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said Iran is capable of closing the Strait of Hormuz at any time, and that the slightest threatening movement to undermine the security of the region would be met with a very firm response. He said the United States knows it cannot tolerate the repercussions that come with inspecting Iranian ships.

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  1. In spite of pressure from the Iranian Embassy not to show ‘ Iranium’ , Heritage Minister James Moore gave Canadians the opportunity to see the controversial film.
    Kudos to him for making the right decision.

  2. They could bigger and better things like officially denouncing multiculturalism and stop letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants into Canada each year. No vote is worth this.

  3. Claire is good and hopefully she convinced a lot of people to oppose the Moslems.

    As for the threats from Iran, they have been saying this for the better part of a decade and they still don’t have the power to block the straits, not unless Obama lets them, which I have to admit is a very real possibility.

  4. About the Stratfor comment about Iran. It could mean they are transporting things they shouldn’t OR they want people to think they are in order to create a “free” gaza type pr stunt.

    By publicly threatening the Strait of Hormuz they made it more likely that more countries would condone an invasion. The gulf states already would condone military action though they are too cowardly to admit it publicly and too selfish to contribute.

  5. Last month Iranian nuclear scientists went to North Korea with suitcases of money, the best guess is they are trying to by a test of a nuclear weapon based on their design. After that they are going to want either fissile material or a working model of the weapon, this is probably why they are saying don’t stop any Iranian ship. But they have said that before when there was no reason so this may be another bluff.

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