Holland takes the three monkeys approach to law enforcement

Don’t arrest, Don’t charge, Don’t register. Holland takes the Canadian approach to ethnic crime. Simply don’t mention the ethnicity of violent criminals.

Rotterdam boroughs stop ethnic registration

Friday 04 February 2011

Rotterdam borough councils have stopped registering the ethnicity of youths who get into trouble with the police on the orders of the CPB privacy watchdog, the Volkskrant reports on Friday.

The CPB had threatened the borough of Charlois with a fine of €2,000 a day if it did not stop registration, which it has now done, the paper says.

The boroughs have been unable to prove registring ethnicity has improved the situation of the youths concerned or reduced petty crime and other social problems, the paper said.

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  1. This is typical for the apologist, butt kissing, lapdog, politically correct liberals, just appease the criminal element and the problem will disappear.

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