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4 Replies to “EDL in Luton. Where it all began.”

  1. The reason for the formation of the EDL was because Muslims living in Britain were incensed about our interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Defence Leagues are being formed all over Europe, as well as America.

    Our intervention in Islamic countries is also leading to turmoil in Islamic countries, as each, one by one, becomes Islamic in law. In essence, we are seeing a re-alignment of the world. In this process, Christians will either leave Islamic countries, or be thrown out. It will also lead to even more pressure on Muslims in the West. I’m pleased, that the plan is working just fine.

  2. DP111 The Christians in Islamic countries will either leave or be killed, as for the pressure on the Moslems in the West that is coming, and coming faster then most people think. Events in history move slowly up to a point, then they move faster then anyone expects or can believe. We can expect much more turmoil in the world for the rest of this year, and next year, I don’t know if the Moslems in Europe are going to riot like those in the Middle East but I expect they will once the weather warms up. The Moslems in the US may try some violence also but I doubt it will be rioting.

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