Things in Egypt are souring fast

Check this out from SKY News:

Alex Crawford, in Alexandria, Egypt
Soldiers have been firing rounds from a heavy artillery gun into the air amid angry scenes in the Egyptian city of Alexandria as protests intensify across the country.

It happened moments after a Sky News reporting team was confronted by a group of protesters outside a hotel.
A volley of shots was fired from an armoured army vehicle in the direction of the Mediterranean sea as a group of dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the building.
Protests have been taking place in the city as part of nationwide demonstrations against the 30-year-rule of President Hosni Mubarak.
The scenes have been largely peaceful in the past 24 hours, but tensions would appear to be mounting in Alexandria.
Military vehicles began rolling into the “old town” overnight, where the demonstrations have centred.

Egypt Protests

Click here to see the latest scenes from the clashes.

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9 Replies to “Things in Egypt are souring fast”

  1. Things are building faster then I thought, I would love to know what is happening in Algeria, Libya, Yemen and Jordan. The Moslem Br0therhood has almost rebuilt the Caliphate now all they need to do is decide who is Caliph

  2. “rebuilt the Caliphate now all they need to do is decide who is Caliph”

    A Great power is brewing in the East nations are falling to this great power. All will be ruled by one man. none can avoid it.

    If this doesn’t sound like Lord of the Rings and Sauron I don’t know what does.

  3. The difference is, that in LOR, the West knew what was going on and many were prepared to oppose it. Mind you, there was Grima Wormtongue, better known as, Tariq Ramadan.

  4. Grima Wormtongue and the hold on the King Theoden of Rohan is a perfect example of propaganda from the left with peoples heads in clouds wanting to believe what isn’t real.

    The leftist propaganda is like an evil that needs to be cast out.

  5. @Richard

    That is a good question. personally i believe at this point they want the Caliphate to form and lead them to victory and our deaths.

  6. OxAO it won’t lead them to victory and most of us will live, but that isn’t the way they think it will happen. I wonder if one of the leaders of the Moslem Brotherhood will become Caliph or if it will be a member of the Saudi Royal family?

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