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6 Replies to “Oh Canada. How’s that multiculturalism working out for Europe?”

  1. I like how at the end of the broadcast they just happen to mention that our Muslim population will be 7% by 2030. The MSM didn’t used to mention things like that. What, did Prince Alwaleed forget to make his payment this week?
    And I especially like the Battle of Waterloo at the end of the film. I’d love to see the looks on the faces of the good people of precious little Vancouver if that stuff was happening here. I mean, people here get pretty upset if a coyote sprains an ankle, or a crow flies into a pole, how quickly they would change their hyper-tolerant tone if their own skies were lit up with such mindless enemy hatred?

  2. How’s that multiculturalism working out for Europe?

    Pretty good really. So far there have been multiple honour killings, but I was not invited.

    What I’m really looking forward to is a public stoning, specially for adultery. For this I’m told that the public is invited to participate. Two stonings for the price of one travel to the venue, and it is free. Better then a football or cricket match any time, and doesn’t cost the earth.

  3. One solution is apparent: stop all Muslim immigration.

    Stop the building of Muslim schools, mosques, propaganda centers and the ability of Muslims to own key businesses.

    Where I live, almost the entire transportation infrastructure threatens to be owned or partially owned by Muslims. All over the US, its independent convenience stores.

    Whats it like in other countries?

    Probably more of the same.

    I will say it until people get it: the OIC is spreading Islam through immigration, a strategy that has never be consciously enforced until now.

    During the great periods of migration throughout history, new populations entered into relatively sparsely populated areas and quietly, or not, took over entire continents. Thats how the Celtic-speaking peoples lost most of Europe.

    Now its Islam that threatens world-wide conquest via demographics. And the leaders of the OIC know full well that it is in their interests to allow the hajri from Muslim countries to continue.

    Hell, Libya threatened to accelerate mass migration to Europe if the UK didn’t free the Lockerbie bomber. And we all know what happened after that, don’t we?

    Those who follow Islam follow a death cult that enforces its rules through threat of mutilation or death. Few understand the ethics and values of the free world and fewer still do anything to stop terrorists from attacking.

    These bystanders are implicitly agreeing to what the terrorists are doing by not standing up and stopping the carnage.

    Its high time the west forbids all Muslims from immigrating. No other solution will work.

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