BBC: Stoning in Afganistan today and sharia law

I wonder how this got by the BBC censors. It actually shows Islam for what it is instead of the party line of, ‘UnIslamic activities’ which is how the English government and the BBC usually soft soap this sort of story.

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  1. a very large fence must be built around the countries where these people reside and let them sort it out among themselves. they have no place in civil culture.

  2. I wonder how this got by the BBC censors.

    Till the last month the BBC were pretending that Labour was still in power. Could be that they feel that there is a change at no. 10.

  3. Its getting more difficult for Muslims to whitewash sharia law by claiming that it is merely cultural.

    Somalia is thousands of miles from Afghanistan, which is thousands of miles from Indonesia and Malaysia, yet for each of these countries, draconian laws are routinely applied to citizens, no matter if they are Muslim or not. And woe to those who are not Muslim and break the laws. The punishments may very well exceed those given to Muslims who break the very same laws.

    Islam is a political control system that has been perfected over 1,300 years by men whose sole aim is world conquest. If not in their lifetimes, then in times to come when their descendants would rule.

    Had Marx thought of it, he would have told his followers that death would ensue if they disagreed with him. Then Communism would not have fallen in Europe as it did a mere twenty years ago. But he was at least civilized enough to allow dialogues with those who disagreed with him.

    Not so for the founder of the world’s largest criminal gang and the world’s most dangerous ideology.

    That is what has kept followers from leaving this most radical of death cults and why we should prevent them from entering the west as we have done for the past 20 to 30 years.

  4. It is simply amazing that the BBC would allow this to be aired. What kind of racist islamphobes are they.The reporter says it is all due to the Taliban’s interpretationo of Islam as if the knows better than they do. Still he seems to be a guy who is genuinly pained by the events in question.

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