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4 Replies to “EDL goes to Luton, Feb 5 2011”

  1. Over at Gates of Vienna a wonderful blog if ever there was one the idea of the meme of “Islam is not a religion”is discussed. The Baron makes a salutory point that it needs to get into people’s heads and replicate like crazy just as the meme of the peadophile prophet has done so already. The Baron says to avoid getting bogged down with the comeback just clarify with “not a religion as I understand it.” Certainly marrying a child brides for a prophet is not a religion as I understand it. There I have combined the two memes: the Islam is not a religion and the Peaophile Propehet meme: Islam a violent peadophile idiology. The EDL is agaist the violent peadophile ideolgy of Islam and so am I and the all the other good people of the counterjihad.

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