1. I am Canadian Citizen from an Iranian descent. I found that the Documentary “Iranium” Would be showed in the National Archive. My question is why the prestigious establishment like National Archive should get involved in showing a documentary that promotes hatred. Just the name of the documentary is offensive enough for an Iranian.
    If your decision is to show the documentary, would the national Archive and you Mr.free thinker show a documentary over the Israel Threat to the world and their known Nuclear weapon arsenal.
    Would national archive show something that will be used to shift the public opinion over a possible attack on Iran in future?
    As a Canadian, i doubt that the national archive want to be involved in this.

  2. If the letters weren’t just an excuse to stop the showing (a real possibility) the letters were a form of terrorism, we have to investigate all threats as if they are real. Leaving us open to false threats to make us spend money and become so desynthesized to the threat that we won’t react when a real attack is planned.

  3. Listen up houman

    Your stealth hate of anything Jewish and probably anything Christian tells me that you and your family and your entire muslem community should not be here.

    If I am ever the PM of this country, the very first thing I would do is to enact an order demanding that all muslims, no matter what their status, are to be deported at once.

    Of course, I will never be PM, but keep in mind that my views will soon be that of the majority.

  4. Hi Mr. Houman,

    To answer your question. We are showing this movie because the West is at war with the entire Muslim world. That’s the reason. So what’s the problem showing a documentary about what the enemy is planning t do?

    And by the way, if you think you are Canadian, wake up, you have been fooled by the immigration authorities. In fact, you’re not. Maybe we are using Takiyya too.

    In Montreal, the Olympic Stadium is currently useless. We can gather at least 200 000 prisoners there. Think about it. In the next ten years, you will be facing three options. 1- Leave the country voluntarily. 2- Deportation. 3- Olympic Stadium.

    See you around.

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