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14 Replies to “Israeli chess player banned from Los Angeles Chess match”

  1. Years ago I went to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Not surprisingly, it is a horrible place but at the end of the ‘exhibit’ a white wall list names of people from countries all over Europe that risked their lives to help the Jewish People. I thought then, that if the time ever came I hoped I could be like the people whose names are on that wall. It is hard for me to believe that we are back here already. The World has gone mad.

  2. Whitney I enjoy reading history for fun and have the theory that anti-Semitism increases by several orders of magnitude shortly before major wars, I can’t prove this for the wars prior to WWI but it is true for both World Wars in the 20th Century. The English historian Toynbee said that history runs in circles, and if you read it you will see that we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and these mistakes always bring about the same results.

  3. I wanted to see who was in charge of the Chess society of LA but I can’t find the group after a few pages of GOOGLE results. Not Chess Society of LA or Chess Society of Los Angeles or Los Angeles Chess Society. The first mention i found of the group on google was this page (on page 3).

    If the story is true it could be a new group or it could have been missnamed in the tip or the post.

    There are a few groups with very similar names though. A brief search finds no Los Angeles Chess Society but I found “Los Angeles Chess Club”, “The Wilshire Chess Society” and “Los Angeles, African-American Chess Society”

    A list of chess clubs in california- the city of each is shown. There is no Chess Society of Los Angeles on the list (I could have missed it though)


    This list is by region: http://www.gtryfon.demon.co.uk/bcc/World_clubs/US_clubs/california.htm

    Again it could be a new group or it have been easily missnamed.

    Did the Tipster say “Los Angeles” or just LA? LA could mean Louisiana. there is a Louisiana Chess Association which is new.

  4. Here is a list of tournaments taking place in california listed by The United States Chess Federation (I don’t know who they are if there are other groups)

    January 14-17, 15-17 or 16-17: Golden State Open, Concord, CA
    Feb 19-21 or 20-21: 37th Annual People’s Tournament, Fremont, CA
    March 11-13 or 12-13: Western Class Championships, Agoura Hills, CA
    May 28-30, 29-30, or 28-29: CalChess Open & State Class Championship, Fremont, CA
    July 14-17, 15-17, 16-17: Pacific Coast Open, Agoura Hills, CA

    This is the The United States Chess Federation’s homepage they have other lists of tourneys


  5. I posted that info not to say that there is no chess society of los angeles but because these pages didn’t just jump out at me while searching and I am not a trained jornalist. If somebody out there does have jornalism trainig and knows better how to look into this I hope those pages are helpfull.

    • I will try and scan the actual letter and upload it today if I get the chance, but today is a very busy day as you will see by tomorrow. I will do my best to flesh out the details ASAP

  6. This was a blurb in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot today. The Israeli chess player is Anatoly Bykhovsky and the guy who told him he’s banned is Mick Bighamian.

  7. Monsour Bighamian runs the Los Angeles Chess Club. Please don’t equate this crazy person’s views as the views of the average person from Los Angeles. I’ve boycotted his club for about 3 years now since I heard about some of his anti-semitic comments and actions. I just found these today from groups.google.com.

    Here are some of his anti Israel anti Jewish Newsgroup postings on the internet in 1998 – 1999.




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