Anti-Islam group draws fierce protests

As most of you know, Tommy Robinson gave a speech tonight via video to the Toronto Zionist centre in association with the Canada branch of the JDL. Thanks to Blazing Cat fur for this link and hopefully, a link to the CBC footage of the mele that apparently took place, here is a National Post article on this event:

From The National Post:

Tyler Anderson/National Post

Tyler Anderson/National Post

Protesters scuffle with police before the start of a broadcasted video chat with Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League to a group made up of the Jewish Defence League and supporters at the Toronto Zionist Centre in Toronto , Ontario, Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011 – 10:54 pm

Police arrested several protesters outside a Toronto Jewish centre where the leader of the controversial English Defence League was speaking over the Internet to supporters on Tuesday night.

Demonstrators blocked the street in front of the Toronto Zionist Centre, shouting “EDL go to hell” and “neo-Nazi fascist thugs” until forced onto a sidewalk by police. An officer had to receive medical treatment after one of the protesters struck him in the stomach with a protest sign, said Sergeant Todd Jocko.

Up to four people were arrested but had not been charged as of press time last night. Eight officers on horseback were eventually brought in to control the small crowd.

Inside, Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL, a British anti-Islamist group, was addressing about 50 supporters through an online video feed projected onto a movie screen. “Canadians wake up. The Islamicization of your country is on its way,” he said.

The rally in support of Mr. Robinson was organized by the right-wing Jewish Defence League under the banner “stop political Islam,” but Canada’s largest Jewish organization opposed the event, citing the tactics of the EDL, which is known for demonstrations that often degenerate into violence.

“Islamic fundamentalism is a real threat. But fighting it with generalized hatred against Muslims, as does the EDL, is only a recipe for fuelling more conflict,” said Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress. “We join with all the leading British Jewish organizations in condemning the intolerance and violence that the EDL represents.”

The Toronto rally is believed to be the EDL’s first foray into Canada since the group formed in 2009 in response to what Mr. Robinson calls the “Islamization” of Britain.

“We’re fighting for our children, we’re fighting for our freedom. Islam stands fundamentally against everything we stand for,” Mr. Robinson, 27, said in his 15-minute speech.

The Toronto support rally comes as the EDL is trying to forge international links with like-minded groups in Europe and North America. “The EDL needs international support to help it support the values of freedom that Britain was once famous [for]. Now is the time to step forward and stop political Islam,” read a flyer posted on the JDL website.

But critics argue the EDL is anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant, and that its demonstrations too often end in street violence. The Toronto wing of Anti-Racist Action had reportedly called on activists to turn up outside the rally.

“The English Defence League is a far-right extremist organization,” reads an open letter signed by two dozen activist groups, among them Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and the Canadian Arab Federation.

“The EDL has organized violent street marches that target Arab and Muslim people,” it says. “They are part of an alarming rise in fascist, racist and neo-Nazi organizing in Europe over the last few years, including attacks on Muslims, immigrants and Roma people.”

The rally and counter-rally in Toronto in some ways mirrored the scenario that has been unfolding for the past two years in the U.K., where the leftist United Against Fascism has been clashing with the EDL.

Wayman Bennett, the UAF’s joint secretary, said the EDL’s attempts to present itself as opposed to Islamist extremism rather than Muslims was “a bit like the Ku Klux Klan saying they’re not against all black people…. This is an organization that’s trying to lead pogroms in this country really.”

“We do not urge you to hate every Muslim in Canada, we ask you to empower the good Muslims so they can fight their 7th century counterparts, we ask you to join us in the truly global fight against radical Islam,” the EDL said in response to questions submitted by the National Post.

National Post, with files from Tamsin McMahon

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9 Replies to “Anti-Islam group draws fierce protests”

  1. “But critics argue the EDL is anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant, and that its demonstrations too often end in street violence.”

    Note that the “critics” go unnamed, no citation of actual EDL positions is made, and the “street violence” is left hanging in the air, with no indication who or what might have initiated it.

    Journalism is dead.

  2. They report that EDL rally’s always end in violence, but here there is a small gathering of people watching a video speech by Tommy and it still ends in violence brought on by the left!!!

  3. Muslims all over the world are using the bogus word “Islamophobia” to justify getting these usually university or college-attending twenty-somethings to protest the defense of human rights and western values and ethics.

    And they are usually the violent ones.

    People resort to violence when they have no reasonable arguments to defend their actions or beliefs. Islam and the PC multiculturalists who enable Islam’s excesses demonstrate through protests like this that their beliefs are insupportable and invalid.

    They are more wrong than right.

    May the west prevail and PC leftists and Islam fail.

  4. Where is the video please ??????

    People are waking up in the UK to the fact that it’s not the EDL that casues the violence, but the Muslim and Fascist groups

    At the last Peterborough rally, the police were on side as were the local Council and there were no incidents

    The police stopped the troublemakers from coming into town

  5. bunch of useful idiots, they think they’ll benefit if Western capitalist culture is destroyed by the primitive mohammedan savages, they deserve to be thrown out of a plane with no parachute over Afghanistan.

  6. That is a very interesting propaganda piece, the reporter skillfully skirted around the truth while never actually telling a lie, that man should be writing fiction, he would make a fortune. And the fact that the CBC didn’t show the video say a lot about them, I wish they would be the only ones who suffer from their actions.

  7. The new blasphemy law is a violation of our American Constitution, being a law respecting the establishment of religion; and, abridgiing freedom of speech and of the press. The new blasphemy law outlaws any criticism of the Koran or Islam. With the blasphemy law Muslims will be able to force Americans to convert to Islam. How? They will command an American to convert to Islam, and, if that American says, “No!”, the Muslim will simply ask, “Why?”, and, if that American says, “Jesus Christ is God the Son, and he was crucified to forgive sin by grace”, the Muslim will simply say, “By that you are saying that the Koran and Islam are wrong. That is criticism of the Koran and Islam, and as such you have violated the new blasphemy law in front of us witnesses”. That American will then be arrested, put on trial, with the testimony of those witnesses against him, convicted, and imprisoned. If an American submits and becomes a Muslim, he will be subject to the strict Islamic Sharia Law and liable to torture, mutilation, and stoning for apostacy or other violations against Sharia law. We will lose our American Constitution here, and, for example, no longer be protected against ex post facto laws. If you have ever done what is outlawed by the new laws, any time in your past life, you will be liable to prosrcution and severe punishemnt now. Hell will break out in American.

    This is being done by the One World Order to impose an Islamic government upon America to restore the secrets of their Illuminati, for, then all suspected of knowing any of the secrets will be able to be rounded up and eliminated. The cure is to make these secrets common knowledge. They can’t get everybody. Then, it will be futile to scrap our Consitiution.

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