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3 Replies to “Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL appeared on a Toronto AM radio talk show this morning”

  1. Tommy is doing a lot of good, and the Moslems that think they are succeeding in attacking him are helping him. Future generations will be taught about Tommy Robertson and his courage in protecting England.

  2. Agreed, Richard. Tommy is a very brave man and he is doing what needs to be done. When I first heard of him and the EDL it was, of course, in terms framed by the MSM and thus was negative. I’ve found out the truth myself and I am totally with him and the EDL. I live to see the same here in Australia.

    People don’t like Tommy/EDL’s lack of sophistication etc. The man is a builders labourer, not an academic, not a political animal, not a mainstream player…. he’s a citizen. What do the elite expect a real protest to look like? Tommy is the face of the people under pressure. A wise political party would recognise what is coming. THey were warned many years ago and did nothing.

  3. Anyone that knows history could see this coming, and can see the massive violence in the near future. To a large extent this situation was deliberately created by the left, so they could take over the world, what they ignored is that other groups might have their own plans and goals. The Moslems are taking advantage of the way the left has disarmed the British public and removed so many rights from them. What they are ignoring is the history of Britain and the other European nations, the British Isles conquered over have the world and created the largest Empire in history, Germany became one nation in the mid 1800s and entered the game of Empire late but managed to take create one with a large number of colonies and managed to shake the world in two massive wars in the 20th Century. The second one they came a lot closer to winning then most history books will admit. The Scandinavian gave us the Vikings and are the root stock for the Caucasian Russians.

    Now the ordinary people, the working class people in class ridden Europe are upset and are about to start making their displeasure known, and remember it wasn’t the upper classes that created and ran the Empires, it was the lower and lower middle classes that went out to the colonies and soldiers, police and administrators so they could live better then they could from any job they could get in Britain. Look at the history of the British colonies and the number of times they won the wars against all the odds, for that matter look at the Napoleonic wars, Britain fighting for the most part alone stood against a major league dictator and military genius and won. Pay close attention to Tommy in a previous Century he would have been in one of the colonies making a fortune and have politicians in all nations listening to everything he had to stay.

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