OK so what about Burnaby?

It has been over 2 days now since an explosion in Burnaby BC which could be heard four kilometres away. As I recall, that is well over 2 miles in real distance. Yet I do not see any new information on it. If you google for ‘explosion in Burnaby Jan 2’ you get mostly the video Vlad Tepes ripped from CTV news links. Also, most of the stories I find tend to be attempts to lull Canadians back to sleep on this one.

To be clear, this was an explosion that was deliberatly set.

It could be heard over two and a half miles away.

It was an explosive device that was large enough to blow a hole in a concrete wall in a community center.

It was triggered in a populated area and a nice one, of Vancouver.

I would really like to know what happened. How did Canadian media manage to lull everyone back to sleep on this? I can’t find any new information and CTV’s 24 hour #17 TV News has said nothing about it at all but has mentioned several times that the death of Michael Jackson is still suspicious.

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  1. I can always picture big handsome, square-jawed, Irish cops, twirling their batons and saying, “Nothing to see here, move along…” The MSM thinks we are too stupid to notice when they go into that mode. I guess, for the most part, they are correct. We are very stupid.

  2. Remember a few summers ago when a guy, who just happened to be of Middle Eastern heritage, went through the Gay Pride Parade with a ball-peen hammer, maiming people as he chanted…what was it? Arapaho snackbar…tobacco rackbar…Cohiba Catbar…whatever, he was insane and known to the police. It didn’t matter. Hey, sh$t happens. I think the Canadian Police are in the direct employ of Osama bin Laden. Nothing to see here, move along. The Canadian Police are the secret police, and they work for the secret Canadian Justice system secretly bringing people to secret justice in their secret trials.

  3. Bear in mind that the hammer has special significance in Islam. As we all know, after you are dead, if you havn’t been good, a Djinn with a hammer about the size of Grouse Mountain is going to come along and really flatten your features. Remember that hammer attack on the subway in, I don’t know, Philly or something. Same thing. Alahu Akbar…blam, blam, blam. Now you’re going to want another link, right?

  4. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,419543,00.html
    There, this one shows the video, I think. As for the witnesses, I can only personally testify that I heard vids of witnesses saying the guy was chanting stuff about Allah and stuff. That’s what the girl’s said. Those eyewitnesses disapeared from the web shortly after. I guess the Philadelphia police are working for Osama bin Laden too.

  5. That Vancouver hammer attack was covered by bloggers like Debbie Schlussel and Small dead animals in 2008. What wasn’t covered by most was the identified attacker, Khalid Alzghoul was not acting alone. See this link to Xtra/gay-lesbian news source which gives the following details:
    “A gay Lower Mainland man underwent surgery Sep 29 to repair his jaw that was broken in three places after he was attacked in the early hours of Saturday morning in what Vancouver police are calling “a repulsive crime.”

    Jordan Smith, 27 was walking along Davie St in the West End hand in hand with a friend when a group of four young men allegedly approached them, according to police.

    The men allegedly screamed obscenities about the couple’s sexual orientation, and police say that’s when Smith was knocked unconscious with a punch to the head.

    Police say Smith fell to the ground at the corner of Davie and Hornby Sts. Smith will need to have his jaw wired shut so it can heal.

    Police say they want the incident prosecuted as a hate crime because of the obscenities uttered before the attack.

    Community activist Jim Deva agrees with this move, saying he has watched gaybashings go largely under-punished for years.”

    From what I could find online, only Khalid Alzghoul was charged . Hate crime issue dropped.

  6. Eeyore 4 klicks is about 2 and 2/3rds miles a klick is about 2/3rds miles.

    I can think of several reasons for no more comments:

    1) They don’t have anymore information (possible and even likely depending on the intelligence of the bomber)
    2) They know the name of the bomber and don’t want to scare him/them into running while they are gathering more evidence. (also likely)
    3) The politicians are messing their pants because this attacks has terror trial all over it and they are afraid of the public panicking. (Very likely)
    4) They know it was Moslems and are afraid of people attacking Moslems in retaliation. (also likely even though there have been no incidents like this yet)
    5) That they are in the pay of the bombers. (unlikely but it could happen)

  7. I tried to find more info on the Burnaby Community Centre and the only thing that was of interest was that the place is used many a time for Latin dance sessions.
    The explosion was definitely a big one… an entire corner of a brick building cannot come down without it being a big blast. Whoever was responsible has a very dangerous knowledge of explosives.
    When something on the same lines happens again, and someone is either dead or injured, the government can be sued for keeping this under a thick blanket of fog. Informing the public also means keeping them alert and if our government prefers to keep us in the dark, then that govt. is begging to be sued when things go wrong in the future.

  8. MariaS my personal opinion is that this was a test run to see if the explosive works, this means it was someone with brains that can follow a recipe on how to make explosives, but who is inexperienced. He/they tested the explosives and detonators to see if they would work, I say this despite my trying to keep an open mind on what happened and why nothing has been said. The police know by now what type of explosive was used and are hunting for where it came from of where the materials it was made from came from.

    If they are placed right a small amount of explosives can bring down a building, the fact it was heard 4 klicks away says it was a large amount. The damage says more but I don’t have enough data to know if it was high or low explosives.

    Also if the laws in Canada are like those in the US the law suit would go no where, according to the law the police have no duty to protect anyone, they only have a duty to find and arrest the people who hurt or murder other people.

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