Governor of Punjab killed to send a message:

I think in this video I failed to make the point i set out to make.

I believe this assassination was a geopolitical earthquake. While very few people around the world will ever know about this killing, and the vast majority of those that do know will not understand it’s significance, you can bet everything you hold dear that the world leaders of any magnitude, from the mayor of a small town to the president of the United states will understand this message perfectly clearly.

That message is, ‘Any attempt to mitigate or resist the most strict and illiberal interpretations of sharia law will result in your death and there is nothing you can do to stop it’.

If our leaders were not frantically attempting to pretend Islam is not the problem and some rare aberrant form of it, or even worse, some other ideology is hijacking the name of Islam, and attempting to prove this by hiring conspicuous Muslims for every sensitive position they have, while making banal TV shows like ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’, (a show for which, CBC writers will be held to task someday, by us if we win this thing, and by the Muslims themselves if we lose for representing Islam as benign,) then maybe they could resist the demand.

But lets be honest. If for example, the governor of some US state has a demand made on him by CAIR, and he has several Muslims on his staff and he is faced with a choice. Sugar coat the demand so it looks pro American to obey it as was explained in Douglas Murray’s most excellent article or fire all their Islamic staff and get ready for countless law suits and absurd accusations from every agenda driven person or group from Michael Moore to the ACLU.

To summarize, if we do not watch our leaders closely, it will be very easy to slide into an Islamic state as they act out of a fear, the giant majority of us, will be utterly unaware of.

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  1. This murder was a warning to everyone who opposes Islam, we all have a death sentence if the Moslem gets enough power in the West.

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