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8 Replies to “Allen West speaks on Islam and the threat of Islam”

  1. I sincerely hope & pray that Allen West will run for President in 2012, I cannot think of anyone else in American Politics who is better suited for the job of stopping the islamic supremacists from destroying our country & the world.

  2. Excellent video. What I’m going to write is sort of off-topic, but when Allen West mentioned Iran and, before that, talked about the policy of appeasement of Buraq Hussein Chamberlain Osama, I thought about something which has often been written about Stuxnet, the computer worm which has enormously disrupted Mahound Arabdinejad’s genocidal nuclear program:

    Stuxnet has set Iran’s nuclear program back by two years.

    Is Buraq Hussein still going to be president in two years? I guess Stuxnet must have bought Israel just enough time so that, in two years, Hussein’s successor won’t hesitate to side with the Jewish state when the latter goes for the kill with fighter jets and/or ballistic missiles.

  3. He is right, this is a combination of 1932 and 1939, we are on the brink of war, a major war that will last a long time. And he is right that we have to take the gloves off, we have to fight our fight and not their fight. We have to make them react to us instead of us reacting to them.

  4. Now HERE is a man who would be ideally suited to be the USA’s next President. He understands the Islamic Scourge that is threatening the entire civilized world, and that it has to be dealt with and eliminated.

  5. You are right, folks!
    Get this man in office next year, not only for the future of the US, but for the benefit of whole free western world, Israel included.
    Your present president will open all doors to Islam, all over the world.
    Don’t let that happen.This man must NEVER EVER be elected.

    I am Dutch and, by God, I love my freedom and I will fight for it.
    Thank you for your excellent words, Colonel West!
    You are the right man for the job to be done.
    God bless you and yours!

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