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  1. Koran says very little about women and the afterlife. Mohamed wasn’t very interested in that. For him, women are a tool for motivating men to put themselves in harms way to further the wealth and power of Mohamed. The only sure fire way for a woman to enter paradise is that “her husband is pleased with her” at the time of her death, whereupon, she gets to watch him, her husband, make it with hundreds of heavenly houris for eternity, and she gets to serve him in death as she does in life. There is no benifit or advantage for a woman to martyr herself either. There is no method to make a better afterlife for herself in Islam by her actions, other than serve her husband in all ways. It doesn’t even matter if she prays or is religious. Check Bernard Payeur’s excellent analysis of Koran, ‘Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice’ from boreal.ca

  2. One thing we can certainly say and that is when Muslims say peace be upon him we need to bear in mind this is directed at us if we are present in order to obtain a positive mind set from us when discussing the prophet of islam. He is not our prophet and so it is a device put to use by enfolding the respect meme for religions and thereby gain some respect for mohammad. May sewage be upon him is certainly moving things in the direction of no respect. Why should the kuffar respect this man who spends his time cursing us throughout the kuffar hating koran. The most used kuffar expression for mohammad is may piss be upon him. If you google that loads of entries come up.

  3. Also, I object to non-Muslims referring to that arsehole as, ‘The Prophet Mohamed’. He is not a prophet to anyone but Muslims and frankly I doubt to many of them. The most respectful term should, ‘Islam’s founder’ but I like, ‘The Paedophile Mohamed’.

  4. Anyone with some time on their hands and photoshop could have a lot of fun with Mohammad. What we need are pictorial representations of Pumpkins be upon him, Persian Shiites be upon him, Pakistani Sunnis be upon him,Palastinian Fattties be upon him,Pigs be upon him, Pancakes be upon him,Pineapples be upon him,Pickled onions be upon him,punks be upon him, pegs be upon him and last but not least planes be upon him. The last one was a inspired due to a donation of Bin Laden’s model planes, fifty of which he kindly gave to me last year.

  5. July 19th, 2010 21:45
    Is Gaza really a disaster

    The Telegraph

    A few days ago the EU pledged tens of millions of euros in aid to Gaza. It’s interesting to note that when the media reported on the so called humanitarian flotillas from Turkey they did not bother to point out that infant mortality rates are lower and literacy rates are higher in Gaza than in Turkey.

    Life expectancy for Gaza Arabs at 72 years is nearly five years more than the world average. In Swaziland for example the life-span is under 40 years. Gaza’s GDP is almost as high as turkey’s and much higher than most of Africa which receives a fraction of the aid that Gaza gets.

    Of course there is poverty in parts of Gaza but so there is in Israel. For example the slum-like areas in southern Tel Aviv.

    A correspondent for one of Japan’s biggest newspapers commented last week “ Gaza and the West Bank are the only places in the world where I have seen refugees drive Mercedes.

  6. arabconqueredpersian

    Could you please post the link that you comented on.

    I could look but I don’t know which country you are in. The Telegraph could be in any number of countries

  7. Peadophile investigating police officers be upon. Peadophiles be upon him. Pumped up muscle men be upon him. Prawns be upon him.

  8. Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is a prophet and a messenger and so do jesus,son of mary. Your abusive language is only an increase of your torments in hell fire…

  9. Jacob you are free to say all that stuff you want about me, even here. I will allow it to remain. The problem is that Muslims seem to think its OK if they do the work of their ‘omnipotent god’ for him as apparently, as omnipotent as he is, he needs morons like you to do his killing for him. So feel free to explain to me how I will be the fuel in hell with which the souls of other infidels are roasted while you languish on an Ikea couch in paradise getting blow jobs from magical houris as your wives look on lovingly fetching you drinks.

    But do not for one second think you can actually act on that supernatural mumbo jumbo. Think it, believe it, say it and type it. But act on it and its a whole other thing buddy.

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