The Queen and the Somali plot from Klein Verzet

In her Christmas speech, Queen Beatrix told people to show solidarity with others in society. She said we should try to find a good balance between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Fear and suspicion could be vanquished if people adopted a social perspective. She urged people to involve each other in solving problems and stressed that we all belong to a single society in which every individual needs to feel safe.

The danger exists that what we have in common is ignored while differences and contrasts are exaggerated. We should be ready to recognise our own prejudices and consider the consequences of our behaviour for others and for society as a whole. Her majesty said we should treat others the way we’d like them to treat us.

These high-minded thoughts were nullified immediately afterward by the news that 12 Somali suspects of plotting a terror attack had been arrested in Rotterdam and Gilze-Rijen. Apparently, they were planning to shoot down an Apache attack helicopter at Gilze-Rijen airforce base, home of 85 of such aircraft.

In the mean time all but one of the suspects have been released. The expectations are that all will be free (NL) in the immediate future for lack of (admissible) evidence.

But there is something fishy about the group of suspects…

For the rest of this well done and interesting article please click through to Klein Verzet, an English language site out of the Netherlands which is one of the very first sites in English about Islam and the West.

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6 Replies to “The Queen and the Somali plot from Klein Verzet”

  1. How many of the 80,000 Somalis that Imam Obama is planning on bringing here to the United States in 2011 will eventually become Jihadist? How much more evidence do we need to realize that Muslims don’t like Americans or non-believers and can’t coexist with anyone and often not even amongst themselves. First thing when they get here, its a quick march to the welfare office, along with free housing, free food, free everthing that us American taxpayers will end up paying for. And how will the Somalis reward us. By making demands that we change our culture to better fit their way of living. To that I say Bullshit. Send them all packing.

  2. foxmuldar the number of jihadists will be between 10 and 60%, possibly higher but at least in the range I mentioned, this is based on the numbers of Moslems in Britain that think violence is acceptable and the number that want Sharia law in Britain.

  3. The Queen has been over the years generally quiet on the subject. I thought her Majesty is supposed to be a defender of the faith. Now what faith exactly?

  4. Our leaders are telling us to show Christian tolerance on which our civilisation rests.

    Perhaps they need reminding that Afghanistan was once a peaceful Buddhist country. Remind me what has happened to Buddhists and Bhudhism in that country. All the countries in the ME were once Christian countries. They too excercised Christian tolerance. Now Christians are a small and persecuted minority, and even these are being ethnically cleansed even as we read this. Lebanon was a country specifically setup for the remaining few Christians in the ME. Lebanon was the one and only country that had a liberal tolerant democracy. Lebanon is now split, and on the verge of being taken over by Hezbollah. Its the same story everywhere Muslims are allowed in – no exceptions.

    The problem are not Jihadis but the rapid growth of the so called “moderate” Muslim population. Once they are large enough, say around 40%, sharia can, and will be implemented via parliament. There is no evidence in history of anything else. End of the historic cultural identity of the UK- something even the Nazis could not, or had no intention of doing.

  5. DP111 you are right about what the problem is, and you are right about their goal, but I see hope in the EDL and in the current economic mess. The current mess was created by left wing policies that are coming home to roost, if the economists who predicted the 2008 crash are right a much bigger crash is due about the middle of 2011. Bad times bring about a lot of changes, including a return to the idea of nationalism and keeping the jobs for the native population, and the idea of limiting immigration to protect the native population. (I am having a hard time reconciling the term native to the Brits but it fits.) Since a major part of the problem is the Moslems refusal to assimilate into the base culture we will probably see the governments encouraging the unassimilated to return home, and this number will probably include the children of the unassimilated that were born in Europe. That is the peaceful solution, a more probable scenario is that the protests and riots by the left wanting to keep the free lunch coming will turn into civil wars during which the Moslems will be pushed out. And a lot of leftists will probably be forced out along with them.

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