Muslim ham complaint thrown out

From The Olive Press Spain:

A PROSECUTOR has thrown out a complaint made by a Muslim family against a geography teacher who mentioned pork in their son’s class.

The teacher was explaining how cold climate in Granada highlands helps to preserve local Serrano ham.

The Children’s Prosecutor of Algeciras, Juan Cisneros, described the complaining pupil’s attitude as ‘abusive, sectarian, capricious and inadmissible’ and ordered the denouncement to be archived.

He said: “There is not even the minimal indication of any type of crime.”

The prosecutor went on to condemn the media storm created by the pupil’s parents and their opponents. He described the public’s interest in the case as ‘worrying’.

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3 Replies to “Muslim ham complaint thrown out”

  1. thank God there’s some judge who’s sane! The attorney should be disbarred for even taking the case.

    Now the class should move on to the history of bacon and the various curing methods. 😉

  2. It will not stop here, I’m afraid.

    The pupil will find supporters who will make that teacher’s life and that of his family, a misery.

    Such is the nature of Muslims who feel slighted. If they can’t get their impression of justice one way, they will get it another. If they can’t use lawfare, they will use criminal means to get it.

    So why are we still allowing them into our countries?

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